Tungsten Carbide Rings Extends Their Range To Include New And Unique Items

Tungsten Carbide Rings is the number one platform for jewelry created from this material, and has expanded its range to include other novel and unique materials in its design processes.

Tungsten Carbide is an inorganic compound with twice the stiffness of steel, denser than either steel or titanium, and is used in everything from machinery to armor piercing bullets. It is so hard it can only be polished and finished by diamonds. As a result of these incredible properties, it has now made its way into jewelry, and tungsten carbide rings are proving a popular alternative to gold or silver owing to their unique finish and the adaptability of the designs that can be created with it. Tungsten-Carbide-Rings.net is a website that offers the very best collections of these rings, and has expanded to include new and unique carbon and even carbon-fiber rings.

Their existing collection already comprised of tungsten carbide rings with inlays, laser engravings, jewel encrustations and more. Adding to this collection however are black rings, carbon fibre rings and even camouflage rings. These are available in brushed, matte or polished finishes and in a huge variety of styles, from faceted to pipe rings and beveled edges, all for both men and women.

The unique collection is outlined in a catalog (http://www.tungsten-carbide-rings.net/mens-tungsten-carbide-rings-all/) that can be explored according to each style, and each item comes with high quality imagery, a detailed product description and clear pricing options, all with easy and secure payment.

A spokesperson for Tungsten Carbide Rings explained, “We have created a unique space in which to expand our brand by continuing to find new and innovative materials from which to fashion jewelry. Our carbon fiber rings allow us to create almost any combination of colors for a personal touch that can even be matched to outfits, while we can also inlay camouflage or even hardwoods to give an elegant finish to a beautiful ring. Our black carbon rings are probably the most exciting new jewelry development in years, and we look forward to our customers discovering and taking advantage of these great products.”

About Tungsten Carbide Rings:
Tungsten Carbide Rings provide the very best tungsten and black ceramic rings. All their rings have been skillfully crafted in the US, are of very high quality, and are exceptionally durable. They offer a lifetime warranty and an unbeatable selection of men's and women’s tungsten carbide rings ideal for weddings, promise rings, anniversaries and more.

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