Tulsa To Be Next Target For Local RedLine Garagegear Garage Cabinets Dealer

RedLine garagegear, manufacturer of the original powder coat wood garage cabinets, is working hard to find a qualified candidate to offer its home and garage storage solutions to homeowners in Tulsa, Oklahoma and the surrounding areas through its local dealer program. Finding an established local business or entrepreneur in Tulsa is considered an imperative goal for RedLine in 2014 and the garage cabinet maker has announced a heightened effort in its search.

Homeowners looking for high quality storage solutions in Tulsa and the surrounding area may be hard pressed to find something that suits tastes, space, and very specific storage needs. U.S. based garage cabinets manufacturer, RedLine garagegear, is hoping to change that by finding a local entrepreneur or business in Tulsa to join its network of authorized dealers.

Since getting started in 2004, RedLine garage cabinets, workbenches, closets, and other home storage systems have been sold through independently owned and operated local businesses. The RedLine dealer program has been designed to give the local agent every advantage and benefit possible. While a number of those benefits are quite similar to what a franchisee could expect under the franchise model (i.e. brand recognition, top notch support, etc.), there are other major difference between the typical franchise and the RedLine dealer program.

“Something we like to point out to potential agents is that RedLine garagegear is not a franchise. We don't charge an upfront franchise fee or any sort of royalty and we're not locking local businesses into these huge long term contracts,” said RedLine Director of Sales and Research, Bill Garrity. “I've outlined some of the things that make our business opportunity unique from the franchse model in an article published to our blog that I called ‘8 Reasons Why Our Garage Business Opportunity Is Better Than A Franchise'. We've really tried to make this a ‘no-brainer' decision for a local business owner or entrepreneur.”

RedLine garagegear (www.RedLineGaragegear.com) was the first manufacturer in the country to begin offering powder coated wood garage cabinets to U.S. and Canadian consumers. While powder coating has been around for quite some time as a finish for metal, it has only recently begun to be used as a quality finish for wood. The powder coat finish applied to RedLine cabinets makes them impervious to things like stains, high humidity, spills, temperature extremes, dents, scuffs, and UV rays. RedLine garage cabinets are also backed by an industry leading manufacturer's lifetime warranty.

Besides RedLine's garage cabinets and workbenches, local agents also have the option of offering customers a variety of home storage solutions with RedLine Closet Systems. Using the various components in the RedLine Closet System line storage solutions for closets of any type, home offices, mud rooms, pantries, laundry rooms, or any other area of the home can be designed.

Most of the local agents in RedLine's network have local showroom locations complete with full displays of the all the products offered. A showroom is not required to become an agent, however. In fact, dealers in smaller markets tend to work out of their home, a local warehouse, or even a model home in the area; offering their services on a ‘by appointment only' basis.

“We never wanted to get into the business of telling business owners and entrepreneurs how to best run their business,” said RedLine President Troy Greenberg. “Our dealer program is designed to be flexible allowing the local agent to run their business in ways that make the most sense to them. We thought it was important for our dealers to be able to market in a way that is conducive to their location and work with their clientele in a way that is comfortable for them and the customer.”

RedLine garagegear is moving quickly to place a local authorized agent in the Tulsa area by the end of 2014. Local entrepreneurs and business owners interested in the garage cabinets business opportunity available with RedLine are encouraged to learn more about the company and the opportunity here.

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