TUFF Cycle Launches New Range Of High Performance, Competitively Priced Carbon Fibre Bicycle Wheels

TUFF Cycle has created a new range of carbon fiber bike wheels that offer the very best performance at an unbeatable price, outperforming bigger brands’ more expensive products.

TUFF Cycle has today launched a new range of high-performance cycle wheels that make use of advanced carbon fiber spokes to offer a lightweight and robust experience. Now available for orders, the weight saving properties of the TUFF Exo Wheels make for superior performance for racers, with ample strength and longevity for those who like to ride mountainous roads.

The new wheels make use of the newest technology, with spokes made from carbon fiber. The MATRIX spokes have a tensile load of 250kg. Thanks to this increased strength, the spoke count is reduced from 20 to 18 on the front wheel, and down to just 21 from 24 spokes on the rear, reducing drag. Aerodynamic carbon fiber medium profile rims keep the weight of the wheel down and further increase performance. With a 2:1 spoke ratio drive side to non-drive side, the wheels keep optimum stiffness, converting all power into movement. All this is achieved with a weight as low as 1065g a set.

With the launch of the product, the company has undertaken an in-depth analysis of other famous brands. They have shared their findings in an easy to read table on their website, which breaks down weight, spoke count, rim depth and more. Importantly, the price is also included, to give a clear indication of how much more performance per dollar individuals can enjoy from the new Tuff Exo wheels.

A spokesperson for TUFF Cycle explained, “We are excited to launch the TUFF Exo wheel range, which will offer superior performance to almost any other cycle wheel on the market at a considerable saving. Fortunately, cyclists don’t have to take our word for it, as we have compared our wheels with the industry’s best, enabling buyers to see for themselves before they purchase. We have poured all our innovation and invention into these light weight road wheels, working tirelessly to optimize the design and deliver the best riding experience to our customers. We look forward to seeing these fly off shelves and out onto the roads very soon.”

About TUFF:
TUFF custom builds high-performance Carbon Fiber wheels for road riding, mountain biking, and Triathlon. By building relationships with only the best factories, and building wheels with famous brand hubs, TUFF wheels are leaders in quality, price, and performance.

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Organization: TUFF cycle
Address: Bendigo, Australia
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Website: https://www.tuffcycle.com/

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