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Innovative technology provides safe, effective teeth whitening without the use of potentially harmful peroxide, publishes

Recently released statistics from the financial sector indicate teeth whitening has grown a more than $3 billion industry world wide. Due to increasing emphasis on the importance of an attractive smile, this trend is expected to remain constant for the foreseeable future. Despite the mounting number of products on the market designed for at-home teeth whitening, consumers continue to express frustration with the lack of effectiveness of such products. With the concerns of the public in mind, Mr. G. Harvey of The Teeth Whitening Company, Ltd. has launched sales of the latest technology in home teeth whitening to hit the market.

Harvey confirmed, "Countless toothpastes, mouthwashes, strips, gels and other whitening products are available to the public, most of them claiming to provide professional results, but most fail to live up to those claims. Some can even damage the soft oral tissues and leave the user with increased sensitivity to hot or cold foods and beverages. Our Opalescence teeth whitening kits offer innovative technology to brighten smiles without the problems associated with numerous other products and at a much more affordable price."

Dental discoloration is inevitable; in fact, many of the most common foods and beverages in the world are also the primary culprits for staining teeth. Red wine, though promoted in moderation for its heart health benefits, can easily discolor the teeth. Like wine, tea contains tannins, which are largely responsible for this type of staining. Coffee, which is a morning staple for millions of adults, is widely known for its ability to darken tooth enamel. While fresh fruits, juices, berries and tomato sauces are rich in nutrients and anti-oxidants, they are also harmful to the teeth. The antibiotics necessary to fight bacteria and infections can also cause teeth to develop a yellow tone.

According to The Teeth Whitening Company Ltd., the Opalescence system offers a number of benefits over many of its industry predecessors. Included with the system are specialist-developed whitening gel, specifically designed thermo trays, a free tube of expert-recommended Oral-B toothpaste, detailed instructions for use and an after-care guide to help maintain whitening results for an extended amount of time.

The system does not rely on peroxide, eliminating much of the common gum irritation caused by many of its counterparts. It is also enriched with calcium and fluoride, which is said to strengthen the teeth during whitening rather than causing sensitivity. TTWC Ltd. also notes the system contains an additional substance designed to kill oral bacteria and provide a greater degree of shine.

Said Harvey, "Our teeth whitening kits are completely safe to use, even if swallowed. We offer a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee as well as free delivery in the United Kingdom. More than 99 percent of adults throughout the world believe your smile is among your greatest assets and is crucial in both social and professional environments. The Opalescence system can help increase confidence by safely creating the best smile possible, and we are proud to announce it is now available on"

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