Try New Vintages With Los Angeles Wine Delivery

Wine is one of those products that is being constant created. New vintages, new vineyards and the ability to explore is one of the big advantages of a Los Angeles wine delivery.

Shahe and Lena Basmajian at Robert Burns Wines are constantly on the lookout for something new. Any time they hear of a new wine getting top reviews, they buy stock for the store.

"We have customers who call use regularly to see what is new. They want something different, something they've not had before," Shahe said. "Our long term customers, we know what they like and we're able to match our new wines to their preferences."

The store has been in Beverly Hills for more than 40 years now. Over those years, the Basmajians have seen vineyards and the wines they produce come and go. Of recent times, wines from South America are earning approval around the world.

"Now that's something that surprised me," Shahe said. "I would never have expected something like that. But South America does have the right climate in places and the right soil, both of which are necessary for a good wine."

For customers who want something really new, we recommend something from Chile or Argentina, he said. With store delivery, the buyer can make sure the wines are handled properly on the way.

In addition to wine, Robert Burns Wines offers delivery for distilled spirits and beer. Shahe said the store can even arrange bulk orders for social events and parties.

"We also have a buy-back policy for unopened bottles," he said.

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