TruTrade.IO Announces New Trading Software, TruHedge

The leader in retail trading automation, recently announced their trading software called TruHedge.

TruTrade.IO, The leader in retail trading automation, recently announced their trading software called TruHedge. TruHedge is the company’s latest trading software that is now available to everyone in the retail trading community. 

TruTrade.IO’s bot-networks allow traders to use TruHedge to execute and manage their trades with more confidence than ever before. 

Generally speaking, hedging is an extremely effective financial strategy when it comes to offsetting risk if concurrently applied to multiple financial instruments and positions. TruHedge does just that; it allows multiple strategies to work simultaneously within the same financial instrument, enabling the trader to hedge a position within the same instrument.

TruHedge is able to achieve the results it does because of the global hedging functionality developed by TruTrade.IO that works to combat consolidating markets by introducing proprietary hedging techniques. The software’s ability to combat sideways markets significantly reduces the downside risk for traders, making it an extremely attractive option for retail traders of all levels. 

Further, TruTrade.IO’s cutting-edge TruHedge software sees all trades managed by the company’s dynamic risk management module (DRAMM). Traders are able to tailor their individual positions and risk tolerance for a truly customized and personal experience.

Currently, the strategies used by TruHedge are suitable for individual financial instruments working as part of a closed-loop network. However, TruTrade took this one step further and integrated their global network functionality in order to develop a completely balanced network.

Overall, TruHedge specializes in quantitative trading technology and finding solutions for passionate retail traders who wish to trade using the same strategies as the professionals. TruTrade.IO are experts at bringing institutional-grade trading software to the retail trader everywhere. 

TruHedge is a testament to the innovative software developed by TruTrade.IO, as well as the company’s ability to offer institutional trading software at one’s fingertips. 

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TruTrade.IO is a company that specializes in quantitative trading technology. The technology they produce provides a solution for retail traders who want to trade using the same techniques as large investment banks and hedge funds. Ultimately, TruTrade.IO allows traders to take their trading to the next level, thanks to their cutting-edge algorithmic trading technology. To experience TruTrade automated trading systems for yourself please visit YouTube .

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