Trust Dental Care Reports on Benefits of Same Day Dentistry Services

Save money and restore your beautiful smile with the help of our dental team, announces

Trust Dental Care ( announces they are offering same day dentistry services with the help of Omnicam CEREC technology. This technology allows for the rapid restoration of a person's smile, and patients find they no longer need to wait for veneers, crowns, fixed bridges and onlays and/or inlays. All Tijuana dentistry services are carried out by an American licensed dentist, yet cost less than the same services when offered in the United States.

"Individuals often hesitate to schedule dental work, as they are worried about the amount of time required to restore their smile. No person wants to walk around with one or more missing teeth. Doing so makes them self conscious and less willing to interact with others. With our same day dentistry services, this no longer needs to be a concern of our patients, and the price is more than reasonable," Cirenia Aparicio Miranda, DDS, spokesperson for Trust Dental Care (, announces.

With the help of same day Tijuana dentistry services, patients find ceramic crowns, inlays and onlays, bridges, implant crowns and veneers can be created in only one visit, so they have a gorgeous smile walking out the door. Rather than dental impressions, the teeth are scanned using 3D imaging technology, and this allows the Tijuana dentist to design a great smile and create the restorations needed. The CEREC MC XL milling machine delivers the restorations in a short period of time with 100 percent precise results.

"Patients find their lives are changed when they choose this option, as it not only requires just one visit to complete the work, but less time is spent in the dental chair during the visit. Anesthesia is only necessary one time, and lab costs decrease. Furthermore, the ceramic crowns are biocompatible, durable and affordable and allow the patient to have a smile they love in very little time," Dr. Cirenia continues.

Tooth loss leads to bone loss, thus any individual with missing or failing teeth needs to see a dentist immediately. Fortunately, patients have more options now, thanks to Tijuana dental implants. Furthermore, some teeth can be saved with the help of ceramic crowns and more. Both options eliminate the risk of decay and decrease a person's likelihood of developing periodontal disease, and these are only two of the many benefits associated with these treatments and same day dentistry services.

"Contact our office today at to schedule an appointment. We even offer a shuttle service to make it easy for you to visit. Our goal is to provide you with a gorgeous smile you love and can't wait to share with others," Dr. Cirenia states.

About Trust Dental Care:

The Trust Dental Care consists of Dr. Cirenia Aparicio Miranda, Dr. Adrian Mora Santillana, Dr. M. Jaciel Herrera Valenzuela and Dr. Paola Munoz Gonzalez, individuals dedicated to restoring the smile of each patient to its full glory. They offer a wide range of services, from dental restorations to bone grafts, and use the latest technology while doing so.

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