Trove of Goods Announces Latest Product Offering - Whiskey Stones

For those who savor the pure taste of a finely chilled whiskey or other spirits, the last thing they want is to have that taste diluted by melting ice. Trove of Goods, an online retail business that sells and distributes private label brands and products through Amazon, announced they have added a unique product that is guaranteed to preserve the integrity of any drink– whiskey stones.

For drinks that are truly “on the rocks,” whiskey stones are made of 100 percent soapstone for a natural, non-toxic product. Their non-porous character makes them ideal to retain the chill of ice, but without melting and diluting the taste of the drink. Users just rinse and dry the stones before placing in the freezer for a few hours. Once chilled, they can be added to any favorite spirits, wine, cocktails or non-alcoholic beverages.

Since whiskey rocks are pure soapstone, they last forever. The company believes users will appreciate that whiskey stones are reusable, helping them save money and freezer space, by eliminating the use of several ice trays. In addition, whiskey stones have a smooth, soft texture and feature rounded corners, which prevent the fear of scratching even the finest crystal glasses or decanters.

Trove of Goods is now offering the Signature Series of whiskey stones, noted to be the best whiskey stones on the market. This set includes nine stones and a black velvet storage pouch in an elegant gift box. It may be purchased for personal use or as a unique gift for Mother's Day, Father's Day, birthdays, holiday giving or as a hostess gift.

Customers who have purchased whiskey stones continuously give this product 5-star reviews:

“These are the coolest things I have seen! They work perfectly for keeping your drinks chilled. They come in a nice carrying pouch. These would make great gifts for people who love a good drink!”

“Love these whiskey stones. I do not like putting ice in my wine and these are the perfect solution. They would be great for any drink.”

“I just drop a couple of these into my drink and they keep it cool for quite a long time.”

About Trove of Goods

Trove of Goods sells wholesale and private label brands and products through its retail online storefront. They maintain an excellent customer rating with Amazon, which distributes all their products. They strive for customer satisfaction with every sale.

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