Tropical Plant Kratom Now Available in the USA through Online Store

The plant, which is often dubbed as a ‘Magical Tropical Plant’, is now available commercially in the USA.

Kratom or Mitragyna Speciosa, a woody plant that belongs to the Rubiaceae family, is a native to Southeast Asia and it is primarily found in the Indochina and Malaysia floristic regions. The plant, which is often dubbed as a ‘Magical Tropical Plant’, is now available commercially in the USA.

The global distributors of the plant,, recently started selling the plant through its online store. The owners of the Kratom farming and distribution firm told that US based consumers can now buy the product directly from their store.

“The leaves of Kratom have been used for ages as an ethnobotanical medicine. Kratom leaves have traditionally been used by the Indochinese indigenous people. It is good to see that people in the West are gradually getting interested in Kratom plant”, said a top executive of

“Three different types of Kratom are available, namely Red Vein, White Vein, and Green Vein. There are some people who believe White and Green are the same. However, this is not true as the leaves of White vein are beige or white in color and Green Vein, true to its name, has green leaves”, the executive explained while announcing the launch of their US sales operations.

The executive also informed the press that numerous names of Kratom exist and this can be confusing for the average buyer. For this reason, the company has now published some product literature which is available on their website and their marketing collaterals.

“The system of Kratom nomenclature is purely based on the regions where these plants are derived from. For example, Thai is the Kratom which is sourced from China, Indo is the one which is sourced from Indonesia and so on”, he informed the press.

According to CEO and managing director, US consumers have already started enquiring about the plant. “Many people in the US have already written to us seeking more information about the plant. We have created informative product literature on Kratom Fusions and Kratom Specials so that more people in the US get to know about the plant before actually buying it”, he commented.

About the Company is an online store selling Kratom Kaps and Powder.

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