Trond Nyland Invests in New Solutions for Solving Plastic Pollution

Trond Nyland has announced that he will be investing in new solutions to solve plastic pollution, starting with Astrumfuel.

Trond Nyland is one of many people who have woken up to the plastic crisis and decided that they need to do something to help. But, unlike others, Trond has put his money where his mouth is and has started investing in new solutions for solving plastic pollution. Trond has already invested in Astrumfuel, a company dedicated to changing the paradigm of plastic waste management in Spain.

Plastic is undeniably one of the most resilient and convenient materials on the planet. But unfortunately, these benefits are also incredibly problematic. All of the plastic that has been made since the material was first created is still on the planet and landfills as well as the natural world are rapidly filling up with plastic debris. Just 9% of all plastic produced has been recycled and that isn’t nearly enough.

Europe is currently dumping 150,000-500,000 tonnes of macroplastics and 70,000-130,000 tonnes of microplastics in the sea every year. This level of pollution is unacceptable and puts wildlife at risk as well as human populations. Microplastics have already entered the food chain and everyone should be doing more to avoid allowing the crisis to get any worse.

Another problem is that natural fuel resources are quickly running out. Electric vehicles are certainly an alternative but they are not yet widely used. Fortunately, the problem of waste plastic also has the potential to form the solution for a lack of natural fuels. Astrumfuel is a Norwegian company working with pyrolysis facilities across the Mediterranean to create one of the country’s first plastic-to-liquid fuel plants (PtL) through a subsidiary in Spain. This is an incredibly exciting prospect and could make a significant difference to the way plastic is treated and reused.

Astrumfuel was founded in 2016 with a single goal: to change the way plastic waste is handled and build a more sustainable model for a better tomorrow. It is this goal that has attracted investors, including Trond Nyland, and gives hope that the environmental crisis we are facing can be resolved with hard work and innovative ideas. Trond is looking forward to seeing what the company can achieve and participating where he can.

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