Trivver Joins IAB’s Augmented Reality Board of Directors

Trivver Joins IAB’s Augmented Reality Board of Directors

Trivver is excited to announce it has officially joined the Interactive Advertising Bureau’s (IAB) recently formed Augmented Reality Board of Directors. With Augmented Reality quickly becoming a significant force in today’s digital marketplace, as a board member, Trivver's founder and CEO Joel LaMontagne looks forward to contributing to the formation of its much needed advertising standards and other needs to help ensure Augmented Reality realizes its enormous potential for many years to come.

Says LaMontagne, “Much like in the early days of the internet when there was loose, undefined standards as to what constitutes a bona fide valid paid advertisement, we’re now seeing history repeating itself. Whether it’s within gaming, entertainment, education, consumer products, training, navigation or other markets, with the rapid emergence of Augmented initiatives just starting to transform many aspects of our lives, I look forward to collaborating with the IAB and its members to help formulate much needed strategies in the Augmented arena.”

After all, one of the biggest challenges the Augmented marketplace faces is what constitutes a paid ad. With Augmented representing an entirely new means to ingest content, whether or not a branded product placed within an Augmented experience is actually seen by the consumer poses just one of many challenges this relatively new technology faces. Although a product might be visible within an experience, what value is it to an advertiser if, for example, its logo wasn’t seen, if the product was only partially visible or in view for only a fraction of time?

Further complicating these complex issues is the arrival of CCPA and GDPR regulatory enforcements that bring further complexity to finding solutions that work for consumers, advertisers and content creators alike.

Addressing these issues and more are very much needed in order for advertisers to keep in compliance and feel comfort to shift marketing dollars into Augmented experiences. Without these solutions and protection against concerns such as ad fraud that continues to plague other platforms and cross platform measurements, companies will be reluctant to shift significant marketing dollars over to advertising within Augmented Reality.

LaMontagne comments, “Without these solutions, how will Augmented Reality proliferate given the vast majority of content creators rely on advertising revenue to support their creations? While early signs of advertising success within Augmented experiences remains quite attractive, we collectively need to address these concerns in order for Augmented to truly scale.”

Zoe Soon, VP of Experience Center at the IAB states, “We’re thrilled to welcome Joel as the newest member of IAB’s Augmented Reality Board of Directors. Joel’s extensive experience in Augmented Reality marketing and his drive for measurable brand outcomes make him a great addition to the team.”

With members such as Facebook, Google, TikTok, Snap and others, LaMontagne concludes, “I’m honored to be in such good company and feel strongly a collaboration amongst all members will quickly lead to important solutions the Augmented marketplace demands.”

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