TRIPXCHAIN Masternodes revolutionizes the travel industry

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Masternodes are an essential part to the functioning of some forms of cryptocurrency, otherwise known as digital money.

They represent a growing and flourishing market that has been attracting a growing number of investors as many people see great potential in decentralized money. But, most importantly, cryptocurrencies are so appealing due to the fact that they are new on the market and can make someone rich very fast. That is because their value can increase rapidly as more and more people want to become crypto holders. So, where do masternodes come in?

Privacy is essential for cryptocurrencies — transactions that are safe, secure, and anonymous are the beating heart of crypto. Therefore, trying to improve on anonymity is a central goal for digital currency creators. This is the reason why cryptocurrencies that support Masternodes were created in the first place, to ensure untraceable, anonymous transactions. By using master nodes as transaction validators, digital money becomes impossible to trace. But how does this work?

Masternodes are actually servers (computers) on a decentralized network, through which transactions are being run. They can also be thought of as the wallet that keeps the full copy of the blockchain (the transactions ledger) in real-time. But masternodes have to meet specific criteria, depending on the cryptocurrency they are facilitating, with the most important one being the set amount of collateral capital locked in a dedicated wallet. Masternodes anonymize the transfer by locking capital in the form of the cryptocurrency they are helping transact. The locking of capital also guarantees that transactions are validated much faster for cryptocurrencies that support masternodes when compared to those that rely solely on miners.

With InstantSend the waiting period is shortened to around 1 second per validated transaction. And this is all thanks to masternodes. With the added benefit of a masternode, the hash algorithm that guarantees information is not tampered with also selects a random masternode as an InstantSend authority which will act as some form of a buffer for future transactions that need speedy validation. This masternode will be able to instantly validate transactions, which will be appended to the final blockchain ledger. This means that even though the transactions validated by the masternode are still pending, they have nonetheless been registered as validated transactions. That is, the money has gone from your wallet, even though this transaction is only considered ‘permanent’ when the transaction has been permanently inscribed on the ledger.

Masternodes are a great passive income source as they continue to produce money for their owner, without that owner doing anything at all. Once the masternode is in place, you can sit back, relax, and enjoy your time as you have a rather predictable and steady flow of cash in the form of a reward. A randomly selected masternode will receive a reward for validating transactions, with the algorithm that selects the masternode ensuring the rewards are distributed in a round-robin fashion.

Your masternode returns depend on the coin you select for your masternode, the masternode-enabling protocol for that coin, and the appreciation/depreciation in value of that coin in time. Nonetheless, the passive-income benefits for owning a masternode can be quite great if you take into consideration the possibility that many digital coins will be worth much more in a number years. And, if you are lucky enough to find a coin that has just been launched, such as Tripxchain, then your reward in time can be even bigger, since you can buy cheap and sell dear.

Tripxchain is a public chain project dedicated to the commercialization, capitalization and application of the Blockchain in Thailand, creating the first public chain brand for digital business applications in Thailand and the global travel industry.

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