Expands Trip Planning Coverage to 51 Cities

Innovative automatic trip planning website expands its remit to 51 cities, covering most major cities in Europe and many around the world.

One of the most difficult parts of taking trip is the planning stage. Sometimes the logistics can be so exhausting and stressful that people are discouraged from taking the trip in the first place. However, the Internet makes the process easier. In the past travellers had to pour over guidebooks to plan their big trip. Now they can consult a website for their trip planning.

One trip planning related site that is getting a lot of attention at the moment is This innovative site uses a proprietary algorithm to automatically plan efficient and fun trips. The site has quickly built up a reputation as the quickest and easiest way to plan a trip, and it has come into further prominence as a result of a recent expansion that brings the number of cities covered to 51. The site now covers almost every major city in Europe, and several big cities around the world.

The travel planner is extremely intuitive to use. Visitors to the site simply choose a city they wish to visit. They are then presented with a list of hotels in that city. The hotels range from budget options to 5 star locations. Once they have selected the check in and check out dates for their trip, they can then choose from a variety of interests such as art, food, history and more. The site then automatically generates a personalized itinerary that incorporates as many interesting attractions as possible in the time, taking into account the location of the hotel chosen.

If visitors don’t want to create an entire itinerary then they can view each city guide individually, hunting down the attractions that they wish to visit for themselves.

A spokesperson for the site said: “Planning a trip to an unfamiliar city can be difficult. It can even be a source of anxiety for some people. Travellers want to be sure that their money is being spent wisely and that they are seeing as much of their destination as possible, without missing anything interesting. Our site lets travellers put together a complete trip itinerary in a few clicks. We’ve recently upped the number of cities that we cover to 51, and are working to add more. Our visitors have been stunned that the entire site is absolutely free.”

About is a site that automatically generates a trip itinerary for a specific city using an innovative algorithm.

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