Trinity De Guzman Releases New Youtube Video For Ayahuasca Retreats

A new YouTube video for Ayahuasca retreats was released today by the founder of The Garden of Peace, Trinity de Guzman. In the exclusive video, Trinity provides tips and suggestions to viewers for selecting the most appropriate Ayahuasca retreat center.

Trinity de Guzman has released a new Youtube video to guide viewers in choosing the best Ayahuasca retreat center. Trinity’s video is intended to guide people who are not aware of the details and benefits that are related to the sacred plant medicine of Ayahuasca and how to choose a retreat that is best suited for them.

Trinity has shot the video in the beautiful jungles of Peru, which provides a full glance of the peaceful environment to the viewers. He has also described the importance of Ayahuasca retreats for both inner and outer health, and summarizes how to choose an Ayahuasca retreat by simply following one’s heart.

When contacted, he said, “My new video is all about the effects of Ayahuasca, especially in a retreat setting. I have done everything I can to make this medicine easily available to people around the world through this retreat center we’re launching and through this video.  I am helping anybody called to Ayahuasca understand how to choose an Ayahuasca retreat, and more importantly, how to protect yourself from any negative energies. Ayahuasca is an ancient medicine from the Amazon that the world is starting to re-discover.” He further added, “And it’s my life mission in helping spread this medicine with the world, for the deep healing that it can not help but bring each person who experiences it.”

Trinity is already providing complete solutions to his clients by offering Ayahuasca retreats in the centre – The Garden of Peace, which is located in the North East of Peru. While healing through Ayahuasca is being offered by several centers in different parts of the world, none are providing the much-needed integration support that the support team at The Garden of Peace provide. This retreat center is located in the peaceful environment of the high jungles of Peru and is providing retreats every month along with ongoing integration support & coaching for anybody who visits the centre.

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Organization: The Garden of Peace

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