TrichStop Provides New Resources For Hair Pullers, Announces Online Counseling for 2015

TrichStop has published an infographic to increase awareness of Trichotillomania, or compulsive hair pulling, and has announced new online counseling options for sufferers in 2015.

Compulsive hair pulling, and in some cases pulling and eating of hair, affects 1% of the population of the United States, and causes distress, anxiety and social stigma for sufferers. Because the condition is relatively rare, finding information on the condition can be difficult. Thankfully, TrichStop is an online trichotillomania center for sufferers and concerned parties, the website offers a plethora of information about the condition, including ways to treat it. TrichStop has just published an infographic that provides a comprehensive introduction to the condition, and are developing new options for online counseling that will launch in 2015.

The infographic includes an introduction to Trichtillomania, the compulsion to pull out one’s own hair, together with information and statistics on the prevalence and incidence of the condition. The infographic includes information on associated symptoms, ages of onset, body areas affected, and psychotherapeutic approaches to trichotillomania treatment.

As well as having an active forum for individuals suffering from the condition to find peer support and share their experiences, the website also has an online counseling service available. However, this service is available only to the most chronic of sufferers, and so the website is working on developing an online therapy course that can be accessed remotely, to be launched in 2015.

A spokesperson for TrichStop explained, “We are committed to helping people suffering from this affliction in any way we can, which includes the education of both sufferers and wider society about the symptoms and effects of the condition as well as ways to treat it. Our current counseling system is labor intensive and very specialized and is therefore not accessible to everyone. We are currently working hard to develop a more accessible online treatment program to help people take control of their condition and begin to fight the compulsion that causes so many problems. We expect this revolutionary approach to be ready by January 2015 and we are very excited as we believe this will help treat and help far more people than any other counseling out there.”

TrichStop is an online resource center with information, advice and guidance and additional resources to help those with Trichotillomania, a chronic hair pulling disorder. The site is an evolving resource, launched in 2013. Together with information, the site is developing effective online treatment options for people who're looking for help to fight the disorder, and host an active forum where people can share with others about their experiences with the disorder.

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