Trichstop Launches Online CBT Based Therapy Course For Treatment Of Trichotillomania specializes in helping people find ways to overcome chronic hair pulling, or Trichotillomania, and has just launched an online therapy course.

Trichotillomania, or the compulsive pulling out of hair, is an anxiety disorder, or more accurately a body focused repetitive behavior, that affects hundreds of thousands of people around the globe at any one time. The compulsion can seriously affect people emotionally, socially and psychologically, but the difficulty is in creating a strategy to manage, reduce and eventually eliminate the compulsion. Trichstop is an online resource center designed to help sufferers find solutions to the problem, and they have just launched a brand new online therapy course based on Cognitive Behavioral approaches that will help people to manage their compulsion with the benefit of remote support.

The new online therapy course assigns a personal therapist to each individual who signs up, undertaking an initial assessment to personalize a course of treatment designed to be most effective for the individual’s needs. The course will allow people to channel their hair pulling energies into different, more productive activities as well as reduce triggers for anxious thinking.

The trichotillomania treatment course aims to do much more than treat the surface issues however, helping people to assert control over their compulsions in order to rein them in, while delving deeper to identify core values that facilitate and perpetuate the problem, changing the perception over time so these values change too.

A spokesperson for Trichstop explained, “The course features regular goal setting and reviews, and once complete, the final session will look at relapse prevention strategies. We in no way wish to create a dependent relationship for our clients where they require constant therapy to stay on top of their problems. Rather we aim to arm people with the tools, approaches, perspectives and attitudes they need to stay robust for life, and be their own helping hand. This legacy guarantees this affordable online course is the very best treatment available for trichotillomania.”

About Trichstop: Trichstop has been treating BFRBs (body focused repetitive behaviors) online since 2007. The company was formed by an international team of professionals, passionate about rendering behavioral health services online, making it approachable to the masses, overcoming geographical barriers for treatment, and also enabling users to undertake the treatment at an affordable price over the net.

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