Trespassers Can Sue For Injuries but Property Insurance Can Help

Property owners, whether they know it or not, may be liable for injuries that happen on their land or in their house. Having property insurance can give them a buffer against having to pay the bill themselves.

Most property owners probably haven’t given any thought to the fact that they can be held liable for any injuries that occur on their property, whether or not the victim was invited to be there.

This is especially true for children who might be drawn to explore an old barn, a tall tree, a junked car, etc. Even though they’re trespassing, if they’re injured, the landowner could find himself liable for that.

Trespassers can sue property owners for injuries even though they were never invited to be on the land, making it nearly impossible to prevent such a happening.

Even with invited guests, a homeowner or landowner can find him or herself in a difficult position. It doesn't seem obvious that a party guest who trips over a lawn chair and sprains her ankle could end up with her insurance company sending the bill to her host.

A young man playing airsoft on a friend’s mountain property who fell and injured his arm might learn with horror that his insurance company sent the bill to his friend.

It can be very hard to predict and prevent such instances, and it may not be in the hands of the friend or the acquaintance to stop their insurance company from sending out a bill.

The best thing a property owner can do is maintain good property insurance, especially on property that has derelict outbuildings or features that might attract trespassers.

Greeley State Farm Agent Mike Deutcher offers property insurance among his other packages as a service to locals who need a little more protection.

Mike has a website through which people seeking insurance for any particular reason, any coverage, can get quotes. It’s easy, just the click of a button and a bit of information to fill out, and then the agency responds quickly with a free quote.

Homeowners and landowners can’t always stop people from getting hurt on their property, no matter how conscientious they are, but they can be prepared for it by getting adequate property insurance. It can make all the difference, whether the injury is a sprained ankle, a dislocated shoulder, a concussion, or something far worse.

Property insurance can make all the difference. Instead of all the money coming out of the property owner's pocket, State Farm Insurance will be there to help.

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