Treff Uns Publishes New Articles On The Unsuspected Cause Of Diabetes And The History of Drug Testing

Treff Uns is known for posting unusual and often controversial articles around health and wellbeing, and has published new information on diabetes and the secret history of psychiatric drug testing.

Medical and health issues are commonplace for millions of Germans every year, yet many struggle to find the kind of basic information and advice they are looking for. This is because the medical culture has become excessively clinical, failing to take into account the humanity of the patient. Treff Uns is a medical website that wants to help people better understand and cope with a wide range of illnesses. They have just published new content on diabetes and the history of drug testing, to provide better context on diseases and treatment approaches.

Their article (Gesunde Tipps) on diabetes covers a largely unrecognized contributing factor: stress. Indeed, the article points out the influence of interpersonal stress, and explains that people must be more selfish in order to be able to take care of themselves and manage the disease effectively.

The second article covers a disturbing truth about the history of drug testing, which has included several experimental trials carried out on children in care homes. The ethical quandaries are considered at length, together with an analysis of the costs and benefits of the practice, and the current positions held by mainstream pharmaceutical companies.

A spokesperson for Treff Uns explained, “We are doing our best to open people’s minds from the narrow channel that mainstream medicine seeks to operate in. We help people understand that there are many factors the health services cannot afford to focus on, which still have a huge impact on patients themselves. This includes vulnerable children in care homes, who we believe need better protections, to stop them from being administered drugs designed to tackle adult schizophrenia and more. With this information out there, we can begin to help people take control of their health.”

About Treff Uns: Treff Uns provides relevant content that connects people to their health in everyday life, in a clear and jargon-free way. Sharing medical information, expert opinions and newsletters, they provide answers to common questions on causes and diagnosis of illnesses, how people can improve things and more. The site is run by dedicated editors and journalists who provide accurate, reliable, up-to-date information on health and medical issues.

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