Trees Down Under Eyes Water-Conserving Gardens to Cope with Sydney’s Water Shortage, Hot Climate

Local tree removal & lopping company eyes water conversation in the garden to cope with Sydney's water shortage.

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Sydney, Australia— Trees Down Under released a statement today on how the company’s services aim to create ‘water-conserving gardens’ that can cope with Sydney’s all-year-round hot weather. The enterprise, known for its high-calibre gardening services, gears up to assist residents in creating drought-tolerant gardens amidst water scarcity and worsening climate in the region.

Since mid-2017, New South Wales has been in a drought where it imposes water usage restrictions every time dam levels fall below 50 per cent. With Sydney’s over five million residents, reports have stated it faces severe water shortage with warnings that its dams might run dry by 2022. The restrictions on daily water usage have forced residents to limit watering their gardens from a day-to-day basis to a few days a week.

The limited water supply becomes an immense challenge for gardens to strive in Sydney’s all-year-round hot climate. As a response, Trees Down Under has vowed to provide water-conserving greenery— combatting water shortage and rapidly changing weather in one solution. The business targets to incorporate drought-resistant plants that can able to survive harsh conditions with less maintenance.

In a recent statement of Joseph K., founder of the said company, he reiterated they have anticipated that the extreme conditions can pose challenges in the gardening industry. “As we cope with water shortage and scorching climate, we aim to provide residents with water-conserving gardens. We make sure to plant native flowers and shrubs as these plants can adapt to Sydney’s changing conditions with minimal human intervention. Some of these plants can solely survive on rainfall which means it needs less watering.”

“Among the drought-resistant plants, we ensure to include Australian natives and grasses together with succulents and Mediterranean plants. Our professional team also makes sure to offer the best landscape and garden designs. As we provide water-conserving gardening solutions, our customers should not worry on wilted and dull plants in their perfectly-designed gardens and landscapes,” he added.

Trees Down Under, with over 30 years of industry experience, continues to become the leading company for gardening services across Sydney. The enterprise remains committed to offering innovative, and high-quality gardening services be it in residential, commercial and industrial greenery. As the business embraces the significance of water conservation, it continuously aims to preserve Sydneysider’s lush greenery despite the staggering effects of water scarcity and rapidly changing weather in the region.

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