Tree of Life Wholesale Distributors: Helping Canadians Improve Their Health

Striving to Make Organic, Local Products Available and Affordable for Everyone

Dietitians and medical experts have stressed for years that a healthy diet should be comprised of at least 90 percent natural, unprocessed foods. Unfortunately studies show that most people are resisting these instructions and instead making processed foods the bulk of their diets. This has resulted in an increase in diabetes and other diseases all around the world. With this is mind, nationally known natural food distributor, The Tree Of Life, has initiated a coast to coast campaign to improve the quality of life for all Canadians by providing the opportunity for everyone to have access to natural, healthy and affordable foods from locally sourced companies. Their company spokesman states that they feel this goal is possible because of their long history of working together with a variety of Canadian suppliers and distributors with common goals.

Company representative Dave Clark provided more details about why his employer has begun this campaign. “Canadians from all walks of life should want, and be able to, eat well and live well. Good food leads to good health and a healthy body is a necessity for living a comfortable, happy life. With more than 60 years of experience in the natural foods market in Canada, we are in the unique position of truly understanding what it takes to meet the needs of consumers”.

Clark pointed out that their company values have always been in line with this manner of thinking. They have continuously maintained their integrity, worked to be certain even the most basic products were of the highest quality and have done all they could to make their workplace safe and healthy for their employees. This balance of a healthy private life and a healthy work life has become a cornerstone of their moral beliefs.

To further stress their ability to achieve their goals, Dave Clark added, “The acquisition of Tree of Life by KeHE distributors Canada in 2010 has made us one of the top natural foods specialists and natural food distributors Canada currently has. In fact we are now one of the largest distribution companies of this type in North America. This proves we have the resources to meet our goals, possibly better than any other company on the continent”.

About Tree of Life:

The Tree of Life company was established in Canada following the end of World War II. They initially opened to provide the ethnic cuisine returning soldiers and European immigrants were unable to find previously. In the late 1990s the company branched into the natural foods market and has continued to expand over the last few decades. Today, they are known as one of the most trusted wholesale food distributors of healthy, organic local products in Canada. The company is a member of many industry organizations and both it and its employees are involved with a variety of charitable organizations.

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