Treatment Continues to Save People Suffering from Addiction

Agape Treatment Center provides a safe refuge to restore hope.

Addiction robs people of everything. Money, family, self-worth, consequences that lead to jail or death. Addiction leads to a person disconnecting from self, loved ones, community, and his/her Higher Power. As addiction spirals into never-ending darkness, mental health begins to affect not only the user but the family, daily life responsibilities, and how one interacts with others.

Agape Treatment Center provides a safe refuge to restore hope. Agape demonstrates this by expressing compassion with love and offering people the ability to focus more on healing their core issues. Surrounded by an environment of people who are non-judgmental or who have been through these obstacles themself, is reassuring that clients can and will feel better. This also allows the individual to feel less alone and connect with others who can relate. Connection through therapy and sober activities is an essential part of healing and helps validate the individual's feelings during current conditions as well as normalize it.

Connecting with self and others is typically a challenge for many who have struggled with addiction for so long. Agape ensures it is possible to have a connection again. Treatment is not just about therapy and talking about problems. It is about how to tackle the obstacles of life in a healthy way. The true connection is when you discover your true authentic self and it is a significant part of treatment.

Our belief is that Therapy is the true essence of healing. Therapy is an essential step in treating substance and mental health disorders by helping the individual identify the underlying core issues from their past while healing those core issues. This is so the person can return to a place of wholeness. Typically, when addiction is a family problem, therapy can help repair and restore relationships with people and their loved ones. All these benefits are positive results from the focus of our Trauma centered clinical modalities.

Trauma has been the center focus on the leading root cause of Addiction and Mental Health disorders. That is why Agape Treatment Center offers EMDR, which is a highly effective, evidence-based clinical intervention that helps identify unresolved trauma and learn how to manage trauma symptoms. While also creating a new perspective that will help set the individual free from past traumas and traumatic events. By breaking these walls down, people struggling with addiction can begin to heal from deep within.

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing is a form of psychotherapy that allows people to heal from the symptoms and emotional stress that are the outcome of disturbing life experiences. EMDR therapy reveals that the mind can heal from psychological trauma much as the human body recovers from physical injury.

Agape's vision is to be a guiding force in changing the way the world perceives and treats clients with addiction, trauma, and impulsive/ compulsive disorders. For more information on their treatment programs and EDMR treatment, visit their website or contact 877SAVEME2

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