Treadmill Watch Publishes Advice On Folding Treadmills, Reviewing SOLE’s New Release

Treadmill Watch has compared SOLE’s new F85 with its older brother the F80, and has created a new buying guide helping people identify key issues when looking to buy a folding treadmill.

Treadmills are a great way of getting exercise for those who don’t want to run on the punishing hard surface of the road or be exposed to the elements. Equally, having a treadmill at home allows people to develop their fitness in privacy, where the gym makes people feel self conscious. Treadmill Watch is designed to help people make the right consumer choices when it comes to home treadmill purchases, and has created new material on folding treadmills and on SOLE’s latest release in order to give consumers the most up to date guidance.

Their advice on folding treadmills, entitled “Folding Treadmill – Buying Advice And Gotchas”, explains what users should look for when buying a folding treadmill, as well as what they should look out for so as not to be caught out. Advice includes checking the incline grade and build quality as well as other handy tips to ensure the purchase will be worthwhile.

The comparison review by contrast pits one product directly against another. “Sole F80 vs Sole F85 – Which One Is the Better Choice” explains the unique features of the F85 and pits them against the F80, pointing out that the F80 sacrifices only a few high-end features for a price tag which is often dramatically reduced by retailers now the latest model is available.

A spokesperson for Treadmill Watch explained, “The new content is part of our ongoing mission to provide users with as many buying choices as possible, but to inform them as to the wisdom of those choices so that users can make the right decisions according to their needs, circumstances and budget. Folding treadmills are not as hardwearing, but are always the right choice for those whose space is at a premium. Equally, the Sole F85 is definitely the right choice for elite runners, but those simply looking to improve fitness will find the F80 more than capable.”

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