Traveler Chooses Surviveware Small First Aid Kit for Overseas Trip

Surviveware First Aid Kit is First Choice for Foreign Travels

Overseas travels offer new learning opportunities, exposure to different cultures, and significant experiences that could not happen inside one’s comfort zone. Trips abroad also give travelers a chance to relax and disconnect from their day-to-day activities. Whatever the reason might be, it is important that travelers make safety one of their top priorities.

Surviveware, a leading adventure preparedness company, created the ideal first aid kit for backpackers and travel enthusiasts: the Small Travel First Aid Kit. This portable travel kit has raised the standards for travel first aid kits.

Initially a hiking and adventure pack, this small travel first aid kit has made its way onto local and international flights, as the kit is TSA-approved With its compact and lightweight features, this kit can fit comfortably inside any backpack or suitcase. Moreover, with its MOLLE-friendly straps, owners have the option of attaching the kit to the outside of their packs with ease.

Surviveware ensured that the soft-case used for this pack is water-resistant, keeping the fresh supplies longer, and protecting the bag from constant wear and tear.

Apart from portability and durability, overseas travel first aid kits should also contain a sufficient amount of provisions for trips abroad. Unlike other first aid kits that include mainly adhesive bandages, this 8” x 6” x 3” bag holds a wide array of first aid supplies that can support a few weeks on the road, on an island, on a boat, or wherever one’s travels take them. This life-saving pack holds 100 provisions that fit comfortably inside a 600D polyester bag. Despite holding plenty of provisions, this package can still accommodate personal necessities such as prescription medication, Epi-pens, and creams. Customizing the first aid kit helps ensure that kit owners have a steady supply of medicine which may not be readily available overseas, or off the beaten path.

Surviveware’s Small First Aid has proven to be one of the best travel safety go-to’s for travelers, as evidenced in the following Amazon review written by KayDee, “I ordered this one after reading many reviews, and it did not disappoint. It has a thoughtful selection of products within a good quality zip kit and is very compact (the kit even comes with a waterproof bag to put it in if needed). It is meticulously organized and labeled inside, so things are easy to find. It comes with access to a complete downloadable first aid manual. I supplemented it with a clotting bandage and a portable ice pack, which for now I have in the waterproof bag - could squeeze in the kit if needed. We will keep this one in the truck, and it will be our go-to for camping. It's small enough that we could even take it on our upcoming overseas trip.”

With Surviveware, you’ll feel carefree on all your overseas adventures.

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