Travel Neck Pillow Support Promotes Healthy Posture, Helps Relieve Pain

The Xtreme Comforts travel neck pillow offers a convenient way to promote healthy posture and relief of pain while traveling.

Xtreme Comforts, a leading brand in the comfort products industry, has added a travel neck pillow to its line that helps alleviate a multitude of health issues for those traveling.

The company, known for its #1 ranked memory foam bed pillow by Wirecutter, is offering another premium comfort product that can be used outside of the home and onto the road and in the air. With the expansion of its product line into the growing market of travel neck pillows, Xtreme Comforts continues to show why it has become a recognized comfort brand nationwide.

According to company representative, Karen Barr, “We’re very well known for our highly ranked memory foam sleeping pillows, but as a brand we are always wanting to grow and expand beyond that. We have developed a neck pillow that promotes healthy head and neck support, helping users maintain correct posture and spine alignment, reduce pressure points and stress on neck muscles, and even increase blood flow, which is extremely important while traveling on long trips. For those who suffer from chronic neck pain, our neck support pillow can also be used at home while resting. It’s a very versatile piece added to our collection of superior comfort products.”

The travel neck pillow features a contoured memory foam design, providing optimal fit and stabilization for the head. As with all of Xtreme Comforts’ products, the memory foam is claimed to never go flat, remaining uniform in density to conform to the user’s shape. Along with a soft, durable cover with a front-snap, the memory foam neck pillow is designed to simply roll up into its cover for ease of transportation and portability purposes.

“What most people aren’t aware of is how hard traveling can be on their bodies. While sitting for long periods of time, your body assumes an unnatural posture without the correct support. This means your spine can become improperly aligned, your muscles tighten, and you can even develop pinched nerves, among other things. Our neck pillow was designed to help prevent these potentially debilitating health issues,” continues Barr.

Individuals seeking comfort and support while traveling or resting at home can find out more information about Xtreme Comforts’ line of products on its official website or Amazon storefront.

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