Travel Mexico with Me Site Gives The Scoop On Passport Travel to Mexico

When traveling to Cancun, Mexico, vacationers have pointed questions about passport rules and regulations. They find the answers here at the Travel Mexico with Me website.

A popular place to travel this summer is beautiful Cancun, Mexico. However, even the most savvy traveler is not necessarily sure whether a passport is needed or not to enter the country. Travel Mexico with Me is a comprehensive website all about Mexican travel and vacations. They now answer this very important question and give convenient links for more information.

With more and more folks embarking on vacations to Mexico and creating travel plans. There is a myth that one does not need a passport to go to Cancun. But a passport is necessary to enter Mexico. Prior to 2010, no passport was needed, and people would happily drive over the border with nary a care in the world. But things change. Rules and regulations change.

Keeping up with the current scene with Mexico travel is important, particularly when more than 22 million people were recorded as visiting Mexico in 2011. That was 2 percent more than the previous year. No mention of figures yet for 2012, but it is likely they will be even higher. The owner of Travel Mexico with Me says, "The amount of tourists entering Mexico from the United States just increases unbelievably. And these people do not always stop to ask the right questions. Our website is designed to give them the information they need in a 'one-stop-shop' for travel to Mexico or any destination within the country."

The owner is likely talking about the Mexico travel blog which has a wealth of information regarding Mexico travel, including to lovely Cancun, one of the most famous vacation spots in the country. Visitors find the information extremely helpful, particularly when they have kids traveling with them and can find the top five kid-friendly travel destinations there.

It is no wonder people often ask the question about needing a passport to visit Cancun. The area had approximately 5.9 million international visitors in 2010 and about 2 million of those were from the United States. However, no matter where a tourist wants to go in Mexico, it is for sure they will find the information they need at Travel Mexico with Me, including tips on obtaining a passport.

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