Travel Blogger Secures Major Investment for Her Original Brand

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She grabbed the attention of an angel investor who claimed to have fallen in love with her work

Talita’s Wanderlust, a travel blog that provides travel-related tips and sells travel accessories to a young audience announced today a partnership with an anonymous investor who had his attention caught by Talita Soncini’s fresh and creative designs.
The investor, who was looking for an original birthday present for his teenage daughter, found her products on her Etsy shop and decided to purchase a few of them, not only for his daughter but also for his step-daughter.

The investor, whose identity remains anonymous, stated, “After years of failure, I finally bought my daughters something they really seem to like, something ‘cool’ as they say. Maybe their happy smiles and bright eyes have made me a bit soft but I just couldn’t stop thinking about how great those products were and how they weren’t receiving the exposure they deserved. That’s when I decided to contact Talita and offer her the help and mentorship a person with her potential needs to leverage her business.”

Talita Soncini created her travel blog two years ago but soon she realised she couldn’t leave her artistic background behind so easily. Prior to travel blogging, she used to work as an architect and interior designer with eventual flirtations in fashion, even creating her own kids’ clothing brand. She said, “The blogging world is so overcrowded and because of this, it’s really hard to make a business out of it. For me it was an easy decision to do what I do best instead of trying to sell sponsored content, posting endless pictures on Instagram and pray to get a good response.”

Regarding the investment, she stated, “I think it was the most mind-blowing email I’ve ever received in my life. I thought I was being pranked by an internet troll, but then I did a quick name search and I realised it was really happening. Having him or any other investor on board is something I haven’t dreamt of, even in my wildest dreams, not because I didn’t want it, but because it sounded too surreal to happen. Saying I’m happy is an understatement.”

Talita’s Wanderlust will relaunch with a brand-new collection of travel accessories early this summer.

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Name: Maria Levy
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Organization: Talita’s Wanderlust | Original Brand

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Name: Maria Levy
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Organization: Talita’s Wanderlust | Original Brand