Transhuman Coin Debuts in the International Markets

Transhuman Coin Launches in the International Markets to make its mark.

Transhuman Coin, a research and charity-oriented cryptocurrency witness, has been announced by Transhuman co-founders Dr. Charles Awuzie and Peter Xing.

The Ideology of Transhuman Coin

Founded with an ideology of improving human life through science and technology, the project is one of the first in the market to merge Biotechnology with Blockchain Technology. This coin is fundamentally oriented towards medical and biotech research.

As research and charity-oriented token, a portion of each transaction is earmarked to fund science and technology initiatives. After the purchase, sale, or transfer of Transhuman Coin, two percent of the processed value is sent directly to the liquidity fund to reinforce the value of the Transhuman currency, while another two percent is redistributed to the holders, including the Transhuman Fund Wallet. And another two percent is sent to Marketing Wallet.

The money allocated to the Transhuman Fund Wallet will be used to invest in cutting-edge research and development of solutions to disease, disability, and Life Extension while rewarding holders of Transhuman coin tokens.

Remarks of the Co-Founder, Dr.Charles Awuzie

“We are proud to be the first cryptocurrency project to invest in research on Life Extension and Super Health while at the same time donating to charity,” remarked Dr. Charles Awuzie, co-founder of Transhuman Coin.

“We are using the power of cryptocurrencies to fund human improvement technologies that can positively impact humanity. Research on age reversal and longevity is increasingly promising and it is exciting to support initiatives on this front,” he further added.

Objective Behind Transhuman Coin

The main objective of the project is to build Decentralized Life Extension research centers in the metaverse to facilitate the collaboration of research work between academics, students, and experts in these areas of science and technology to solve chronic diseases including aging.

The virtual centers will improve research opportunities in Transhumanism-related fields, promote academic excellence, create knowledge, and solve real-world problems like diseases and death. Organizers plan to launch the centers in 2023.
Remarks of the Co-Founder, Peter Xing

“The Transhuman Fund portfolio is dedicated to this project,” remarked Peter Xing, co-founder of Transhuman Coin. “We have adopted a unique vision and ideology of our project.

Transhumanism is about transcending the limitations of our human biology through science and technology. The Transhuman Fund Wallet will donate to projects that increase our healthy human life, improve our intelligence and improve our well-being,” he further added.

Listed on Pancakeswap and Coinsbit Exchanges

Transhuman Coin is currently listed at Pancakeswap and Coinsbit Exchanges.

About Transhuman

Transhumanism is a philosophical movement devoted to promoting the research and development of robust human-enhancement technologies. Such technologies would augment or increase human sensory reception, emotive ability, or cognitive capacity as well as radically improve human health and extend human life spans.


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