Transformation Coach Helps Busy Professionals Fight Burnout in a Post-Pandemic World

As the world emerges from COVID-19, many professionals are under enormous pressure to cope with the post-pandemic work environment. Transformational coach, Lillian So, launches her new book to help stressed-out professionals take back control of their health and emotions and reach their full potential.

Overthinking, negative self-talk, chronic fatigue, and burnout are nothing new for many professionals. But the dramatic changes the pandemic has had to work practices has exponentially increased the pressure on these high flyers to perform.

According to Mental Health America (MHA), 75% of workers have experienced burnout, and 40% of those polled said it directly resulted from the coronavirus pandemic.

Leading life coach, fitness professional, yoga therapist, and facilitator of transformation, So, explained further. "In my 20 plus years of experience mentoring and coaching busy professionals around the world, from designers and directors to musicians and managers, I've seen the devastating effect lack of self-confidence has on these talented yet self-critical people. With the extra pressure of adapting to the post-pandemic world, they are at an even higher risk of burnout."

In early 2021, to address the growing concerns about burnout, So launched her new book, 'SOempowered: Discover The Five Layers Of The Body To Take Control Of Your Life.'

"I want to prove that, even under pressure, through self-help and self-empowerment, anyone can:
• overcome chronic fatigue and burnout
• manage your emotions and feelings
• put an end to people-pleasing
• set healthy boundaries
• cultivate meaningful and satisfying relationships
• find meaning and purpose while reaching your potential

... and ultimately experience the fulfillment that comes with integrating your whole self."

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