Transformation Centre Announces The Release A New Book- “The Other Woman”

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The book, “The Other Woman” addresses serious problems commonly found in many marriages and provides tested solutions on how to overcome them.

In “The Other Woman” book, Dr. Godwin Ude proposes that the purpose of a marital relationship is the merging of two souls into one. This union is a mystery beyond any psychoanalysis or spiritual explanation. The excitement that surrounds the marriage celebration can simply be described as exhilarating. Women look forward to their wedding day and use the greater part of their young adult lives preparing for it. Unfortunately, often times the flame of marital love and oneness dwindles away as fast as it was ignited. Gradually, what was made to be one begins to be torn apart by almost invisible causes too subtle to discover until they unleash their venom on a marriage.

Very few couples are equipped to deal with this inevitable obstacle on their way to oneness. In trying to resolve the reality of losing the initial flame of passion, couples may seek something to replace that which has been lost outside the marriage. Men tend to be adventurous by nature. This natural disposition can cause them to share the oneness designed only for their spouse with someone or something else. Note the emphasis on something. What so many fail to realize when marital problems arise, is that there are several factors outside of extramarital love affairs that can shake the foundation of a marriage.

The author refers to these often overlooked factors as “other women”. As a man's passion for these “other women” increases, his ability to connect with his spouse will continue to diminish and this can lead to mounting subtle frictions in the relationship. Because these “other women” are understated in nature, they are often hidden from the professional eyes of marriage counsellors, and even from the couples themselves. After attempting series of counselling sessions or marriage mentoring without success, women often conclude that their husbands are seeing “other women”. In some instances, this may be the case, but looking at the reality of many marriages reveals that most men are addicted to what has been called the “other woman”, which, more times than not, doesn't involve another woman at all.

Dr. Godwin Ude's work is designed to uncover some of these “other women” and demonstrate how they can steal the soul of men from their beloved spouses. This has been a missing weapon in the arsenals of those trained to help marriages as counsellors and mentors.

The purpose of this book, according to Dr. Godwin Ude is not to provide a comprehensive counseling service, but to offer many a framework to start working towards restoring intimacy their marriage. The author points out in several places within the book that he is an advocate of seeking a qualified Christian counselor in matters beyond simple negotiations with one's spouse.

It is important to bear in mind that men can allocate their passion to anything they are fascinated with, and this can mean that hobbies take energy that should be devoted to the marriage. The primary goal of the information provided this book is to bring the range of “other women” that may be affecting a relationship to light in order to begin the rebuilding process that is needed to save a sinking marriage. In this book, Dr. Ude works through some true stories and discusses the various “other women” that have robbed many marriages and has laid claim to many husbands.

Each chapter of the book is designed to make reading enjoyable without losing focus. Relevant stories are included to drive home each issue discussed and to demonstrate real life applications along with exemplary narratives. The goal is to present readers with a handbook of helpful information that will transform many marital relationships in a way that few have only imagined.

Though this book is written with the mission to help women deal with some common male-related dysfunctions in a marriage relationship from a redemptive perspective, women are encouraged to share this book with their husbands. However, Dr. Godwin Ude promises the sequel titled, “The Other Man” written in the same style with the same purpose but targeted to husbands, just as this one is targeted to wives.

For men reading this book, be careful of who and what you give your soul to outside of your marriage. For women reading this book, this will arm you to fight for the soul of the love of your life and to reclaim it from the “other women” who have taken what belongs to you.

The Other Woman is published by Tate Publishing and can be purchased from Amazon.

About The Author

Dr. Godwin Ude is a Diplomate Certified Psychotherapist and Counselor (DCPC) and a Certified Marriage Counselor (CMC) who specializes in family, marriage, and relationship counseling. He is the author of five books, including the best-seller “The Love Myth”. With degrees in pharmacy, counseling, theology, biblical studies, and theological integration of religion and society, he has committed himself to helping families and marriages thrive rather than survive. He and his wife, Blessing run Transformation Centre and Transformation Family Life Centre in Surrey BC.

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