Transform the Grilling Experience With The easyQ Replacement Grill Grate

Live on Kickstarter, easyQ is a drop-in replacement grill for gas grills that just makes sense: no stress, no flare-ups, easy to clean and tasty meat every time.

easyQ, the revolutionary new replacement grill grate for gas BBQs, is live on global crowdfunding platform Kickstarter and raising funds to bring the project to life.

There’s nothing quite like a fresh cut of meat from the grill. Unfortunately, cooking with a gas BBQ can be riddled with problems— horrible flare-ups, burned and charred food, followed by thankless and never-ending cleaning. All this hassle prevents people from enjoying their BBQs to the fullest and sometimes even stops people from using their BBQ at all. easyQ is on a mission to get people to get the maximum use out of their grill and enjoy the best tasting meals of their life.

"I found the easyQ grill the perfect road to share my passion to the world and it’s the biggest inspiration behind this product. I invented the easyQ because I needed a product that solve the issues that were preventing me from using my grill, such as flare-ups, crazy stress on the grill and thankless cleaning,” says founder and CEO Martin Sandoval on the inspiration behind the project. “But then I quickly realized that the easyQ could become a backyard phenomenon by not only solving all the issues associated with every gas bbq, but also inspiring people to use their BBQs to the fullest. Quality time and quality food, that is in the heart of an easyQ grill.”

easyQ is a unique grill grate made entirely of stainless steel that eliminates flare-ups and stops fat from clogging up your gas burners. Its unique patented design makes the easyQ the ultimate solution to any gas BBQ:

• Replaces existing grates of most gas barbecues
• Made entirely of stainless steel (grade 304)
• Unique V-Shaped designed that prevents flare-ups
• Stops fat and juices from clogging gas burners by collecting the juices in a special tray at the front, making cleaning simply a breeze
• Infuses flavor and moisture back to the meat giving a unique flavor to every bbq
• Distributes heat evenly producing perfect sear marks over the entire cooking area

All of this works together to create better tasting food, and quick and seamless cleaning. It is incredibly easy to install and use— and ready to make BBQ a more regular part of everyone’s life. easyQ is available in numerous sizes to ensure a perfect fit for most common squared gas barbecues.

“The old saying ‘necessity is the mother of invention’ is about as true as it comes when introducing the easyQ grill grate. I invented the easyQ 7 years ago when I bought my first gas grill and my first barbecue with friends turned out to be a complete disaster. Stress, missing conversations, warm beers— you name it,” adds Sandoval. “But as a good Argentinean I wasn’t ready to give up on my passion, so I spent hours looking for this solution, going to every possible BBQ store, and I couldn't find anything of the sort. Even to this day there isn’t any other solution like easyQ on the market, which makes me even more exited about the easyQ.”

Experience BBQ the way it was meant to. easyQ is currently live and available to support on Kickstarter:

About easyQ

easyQ grill is a product of Alamo BBQ Solutions, a company founded in 2013 based in Brisbane, Australia, with a single purpose of making cooking easier and better, encouraging people to use their BBQs without limits. The founder, Martin Sandoval, is an Argentinean bbq lover that is on a mission to inspire people to love their bbq again.

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