Transcendent Journey Reveals Profound Wisdom

Words for All website shares Dr. Pieter Noomen’s life-changing experiences with the other dimension.

Minister and licensed psychotherapist Dr. Pieter Noomen was a man of great introspection and awareness. He experienced a profound transcendent journey that led him to connect on a deeply spiritual level with a higher presence. He grew to believe that, either directly or indirectly, all life stems from one common source, and when we can connect with that source, we reach the highest level of existence.

His website,, offers a remarkable collection of vivid recollections, insights and wisdom drawn from the communications he shared with that spiritual presence.

The information on his site is organized into 12 writings, each one exploring a different aspect of his extraordinary experiences on the spiritual plane.

The writings include:

1. The Twelve Booklets: More than 10,000 one-line sayings that follow The 7 Names and The 12 Components of Life;
2. Lessons: 147 questions, answers and comments;
3. The Seven Names and the Creation Narrative: Short paragraphs that deal with the nature and impact of the seven names of the One Who Is All;
4. Visits into The Real Reality: Vivid descriptions of what Dr. Noomen saw, heard and experienced during his journeys to another human dimension;
5. Appearances and Reactions: Descriptions of instances when the One Who Is All revealed Her/Himself and spoke to the writer;
6. And seven more writings that share his remarkable insights and reflections.

Sadly, Dr. Noomen passed away in 2019, but his wealth of wisdom and insights freely shared on will continue to inspire people throughout the world to broaden their spiritual paths.

An example from Dr. Noomen’s Wisdoms of the Week at

"It's almost an art to keep the two main roads in our head and in our thinking separated. One is filled with what the future could, should and hopefully will bring; this year and the rest of our life. The other road is our daily focus on doing the best possible job. The second road can clog up the first one. The first one can suck energy from the second. Actually, there is an additional road that supports smooth traffic on both. It Is the one that I call 'innering', turning our attention to our innermost self. Doing that regularly will amazingly energize our travelling on both roads. The secret is that the third road starts in eternity: and goes to there."

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