Trailer Trash evolves into Renewable Energy: Dramatic Screenplay

"Electric car owner Ginny Medeiros"

With Earth Day coming up on April 22nd it's important to recognize our environment, and appreciate those that work diligently to improve it. Ginny Scales-Medeiros is a Pioneer in the electric auto industry, speaker and author. Her novel "What Is Normal?" embarks on a transformational journey that begins with a backwoods mentality and evolves into forward thinking.

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Her intention is to inspire change in "all" areas of our lives that are TOXIC, recovery of our authentic self and our precious resources. Her current focus is getting the screenplay "WIN" by Pamala L Hall based on her novel made into a movie.

"WIN" based on the novel "What is Normal?" is a tragedy to triumph story of one woman's struggle to live what she thought was a “normal” life, and how she found a “real” life instead! A truly motivational and environmentally friendly novel that will inspire the reader! This is a compelling book that really touches one's soul! Normal is relative, and Normal for Sue growing up was- High school dropout, teenage parents, backwoods strict Baptist rituals, pedophiles, poorly made homemade in a trailer that is now a chicken coop. Sue was the last person you would think would become a pioneer in the electric auto industry! Sue discovered the power of lying, stealing, alcohol, drugs and mastering the Art of Selling along the way while making headline news. Sue went on to invent a new product, land a movie role and create a real life. A poignant testimony of the power of a woman's faith and determination to battle and overcome the demons that targeted her, instead of letting the demons overpower her and cause her to influence others to the dark side, she became empowered and chose the road that leads people to the light!

The screenplay is ready to pitch and offers amazing and unique “Green Sponsorship” opportunities for eco-friendly companies to get exposure for their brand as well as doing their part to raise awareness.

Ginny Scales-Medeiros being a leader in the electric auto industry, actually landed a prominent role in the movie "What Is The Electric Car" which is being viewed worldwide. She landed the role after impressing and educating the film producers about the benefits of driving an electric car! Walking her talk, she has not owned a gas auto since 2007.

Raised in upstate New York Ginny Scales-Medeiros resides in the San Francisco North Bay. Ginny is an entrepreneur with multiple patents/trademarks. Her invention was a 1st place winner for new ideas in a national contest, sold on QVC and later an As Seen On TV Product. Ginny is a certified QVC on air guest, a master marketer creating over a million dollars in free press for her product, appearing on NBC, CBS, FOX, news and written about in many National magazines.

Ginny was a record breaking salesperson in the auto industry, making front page news, speaker and pioneer for 100% electric transportation, landing in a documentary about electric autos. Scales-Medeiros is a contributing author for an upcoming scholastic book about Electric Transportation

Ginny's first novel "What Is Normal?" made the top 40 most inspirational 2012 via Gladys magazine sold nationwide with 5 Star ratings. Scales-Medeiros has been on Radio and TV talking about her book. Recently on ABC morning show "Believe in Yourself"

Currently Ginny's focus is on landing a movie deal for the Screenplay "WIN" by Pamala L Hall based on her novel "What Is Normal?" coming of age, character driven, drama, relevant, inspiring (think ..."The Little Engine That Could") for the Mature Reader!

Ginny is an animal lover and dabbles in real estate, on her own at 15 finishing only the 9th grade her "intention is to motivate and inspire people to remember their God given gifts and talents" and use them to ignite passion "Thoughts become Things" and EVERYTHING counts.

Ginny Scales-Medeiros

Ginny Scales-Medeiros

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