Traffic Geyser Pro Warns New Users To Wait For Upcoming New Release Traffic Geyser

Traffic Geyser Pro reviews Traffic Geyser products and has told users to wait for the latest version, said to be a revolution in traffic generation using simple to use video tools.

Traffic Geyser is software that promises to automate traffic generation for websites using the power of video traffic. The internet’s biggest website, YouTube, is dedicated to videos, and the power of moving audio visual stimulus to engage consumers is the only reason TV is still viable. Traffic Geyser made a name for itself by putting this power in the hands of everyday entrepreneurs, and Traffic Geyser Pro is reporting a new version of the software is due soon that will make video creating and traffic generation easier than ever before.

Video traffic is ever-increasing on the web, and yet studies have found paradoxical results showing that the attention span of viewers is getting shorter and shorter as more and more material becomes available, thanks in part to the ubiquity of cell phones, WhatsApp and services like Vine. If marketers can tap into these trends they can not only increase traffic but also profits.

Traffic Geyser Pro reports that these changes in user behavior demand shorter videos and with the addition of strong calls to action these videos convert extremely well. However producing, submitting and promoting videos can be a difficult and time consuming, especially on the scale to produce large profits. In their original Traffic Geyser review the website stated that Traffic Geyser allows any marketer to produce fantastic videos and submit them almost hands free no matter what their level of technical expertise. Traffic Geyser even offers the option of complete hands off video creation with their team creating the videos for their users.

They report that the new version of Traffic Geyser is going to give videos exposure and rankings like never before, by posting video content to all major social media platforms then cross promoting them with link building strategies that dominate search engines in record time.

A spokesperson for Traffic Geyser Pro explained, “The new version of Traffic Geyser will be a revolution in an already powerful software’s capabilities. While we are not at liberty to divulge the experience of our exclusive preview just yet, we can tell our users that the latest version is going to be one of the most powerful automated online marketing and promotion tools of its kind, and may well lead the field in conversion of video views to website traffic, which puts audiences on step closer to becoming customers, and can transform the success of an online business.”

About Traffic Geyser Pro: Traffic Geyser Pro has been researching marketing methods and split testing them for years. They constantly review marketing products and separate the fact from the fiction, discovering what works and what doesn't. Now we are examining video marketing tools.

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