Traditional Barbershop is Coming to Colorado Springs

Construction is underway to rebirth a barbershop, an old school barbershop. The Flashback Barbershop will be opening later this summer at 3745 Bloomington St, Colorado Springs, CO. The shop will offer a bit of nostalgia for men and boys.

Tradition is coming with the future opening of the Flashback Barbershop. This vintage barbershop is currently under construction on the east side of Colorado Springs. The Flashback Barbershop will be located at 3745 Bloomington St, Colorado Springs, CO 80922.

James Hall wanted to offer an alternative to hair salons for men and boys. By launching the Flashback barbershop, he’s combining the nostalgia of yester-year with heros from the sports world. The shop will be a place to step out of the busy bustle of the day for a cut, hot lather shave and even a shoe shine. The shop is being constructed to offer a glimpse into an old school barbershop with both antiques and modern fixtures. The shop will feature six Koken Barber chairs stemming from Ernest Koken’s hydraulic-operated chair from 1900. These modern versions have the same look and feel of the traditional chairs.

The Flashback Barbershop offers men an escape from hair salons. The shop will offer traditional and modern cuts, hot lather shaves, and shoe shines. Construction is underway and the shop plans to be opening soon. Visit the website to sign up for email updates and pre-opening offers.

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