Trading Software Takes Financial Technology to a Whole New Level

Daniel Roberts and his team of programming experts founded a Forex trading system called FinTech Ltd. Its name is derived from the eponymous market sector and the software’s purpose is to revolutionize and smoothen up investments for everyday people and casual users.

Many users have confirmed the fact that an auto-pilot robot going under the name of FinTech Ltd manages to acquire great payouts on a consistent daily basis. The online investment tool does not require people who sign up for it to be in possession of sophisticated trading knowledge, nor have prior professional or scholarly experience in the field. All of the successful results are simply due to the fact that the system has a well-written algorithm which is the first of its kind. Recent prognosis based on digital statistics show that the favorable pattern will most likely continue in the future.

FinTech Ltd is a Forex trading software which was released onto the virtual market about a year ago. Main founder Daniel Roberts states that he was made aware of the lack of a reliable and authentic investment tool by the Main Analyst of his company – Ben. The said had lost all of his funds to an online pyramid which promised to double and triple any deposits made with it.

Mr. Roberts decided that he would like to become a game-changer. He, himself, has previous work experience at a high-end investment firm on Wall Street. Knowing that market movements can be tricky, he began work on the auto-pilot solution’s computer codes along with his devoted employees.

He does not claim that he is a technical genius, nor that the Forex investment robot was designed perfectly from day one. The whole process took several years and the team members were the sole ones who participated in the Alpha testing phase. It was not until they were absolutely certain that the software can achieve a success rate that exceeds 85% that they released it for Beta-testing to regular users.

The trading system’s current winning ratio is stated to be 97.6% and this is well above the industry average but still regarded as realistic, legit, and authentic. Daniel Roberts has plans for a future Initial Public Offering (IPO) release but wishes to take his time and help as many unprofessional and amateur investors as possible.

This is one of the main reasons why the FinTech Ltd sign up is still free. The founder himself did not lead a luxurious lifestyle and comes from a modest personal background before beginning his career at a New York Stock Exchange company.

Daniel Roberts further explains that he and his team of programming prodigies had a hard time designing and establishing the specific financial technology algorithm. FinTechLtd’s name is actually derived from this particular market sector.

The said deals with the provision of technologically-enhanced financial services. Most of the people who dwell in this particular industry sector state that it has revolutionized the way that trading works. This is also what Mr. Roberts hopes for – to improve and ease the investment process for casual users.

Client satisfaction rates have managed to prove that his wish is granted. Users have been more than content with their daily results. Another reason why they have such a high regard of the Forex trading software is that it enabled them to acquire sophisticated investment skills and expand their view of this field while FinTech Ltd. achieves success on their behalf.

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