Traders Should Compare Brokers to Find the Best Deals

Independent Investor has said that comparing brokers to find the best deal is important and shouldn't be underestimated by traders looking to improve their performance, with savings on marginal trading, more favourable spreads and better platforms available for those prepared to research their options.

Online broker comparison website has suggested that spread bettors and CFD traders should take time out of their schedule to compare different trading brokers in order to find the best deal, helping save money on the costs of trading and assure a more satisfactory trading experience.

There are a vast number of brokers offering services across the markets, whether you trade financial spread betting, CFDs or just forex, leading to a competitive environment in which spreads and service levels vary widely. This gives rise to cheaper providers and allows traders, with the help of comparisons, to identify the most cost-effective and beneficial brokers for their trading needs.

By switching between brokers to find a cheaper provider, traders can make it easier for their accounts to turn a profit and save on the ongoing costs of accessing the spread betting and CFD markets.

A spokesperson for said that by comparing brokers and finding the most competitive deals available, traders could create a better platform on which to build a successful trading account.

“Spread bettors and CFD traders often work with finely balanced accounts, and every penny saved on the cost of trading is a penny more retained in profit, and therefore very much worth fighting for. In practice, different brokers can have more significant price differentials, and for most traders just looking for cost-effective market access taking the time to research and find the best deal available can pay dividends as you trade going forward.”

“There are plenty of comparison services on the web and just a simple look up on the major search engines will bring up hundreds of comparison websites, and it’s important that traders take caution when using those services. Unfortunately, some of those websites are out-of-date and haven’t been updated for month, if not years, so it’s vital that traders make sure the websites are up-to-date, provide fresh content and updated spreads, and furthermore make sure the reviews are impartial and adequate. Even a simple search for ‘compare spread betting companies’ on Google or Bing will bring up outdated and neglected websites on the first page”.

“At, we pride ourselves on offering one of the web’s most extensive and up-to-date spread betting accounts and CFD broker comparison resources, with reviews, write-ups and comparison tables covering the leading providers in the market (visit for CFDs or for spread betting). Constantly maintained by our researchers, we’re dedicated to offering traders a platform on which they can contrast different brokerage options and find the most effective provider for their trading needs.”

In addition to its broker reviews and comparison sections, Independent Investor also equips traders with professional resources, strategies and learning materials, which strive to help demystify spread betting, CFDs and other trading options and allow more traders to flourish in the financial markets.

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