Tradebit Marks a Productive, Fast-Growing Year Under New Ownership Group

New owners have enhanced world's largest digital download store with many rewarding improvements and have big plans for the near future, Tradebit reports

Tradebit, the world's largest download store, is celebrating a successful year under new ownership. With Tradebit's current owners having taken over the site just as it reached a decade of steady growth since its founding, they committed to making the popular site even more appealing and useful for buyers and sellers alike. The first year of the new ownership group's stewardship has seen these goals being met in a number of prominent ways, with a whole host of improvements launching at during that time. As Tradebit becomes an even more central part of the Internet's rapidly proliferating digital download ecosystem, the service's owners plan on rolling out further upgrades in the near future.

"When our current owners set out to acquire the world's largest download store, they knew they were taking on a thriving service with an incredibly vibrant community of buyers and sellers," Tradebit representative Michael Turner said, "In the short span of a year, they have accomplished some truly impressive things, listening to our many users and doing everything possible to make the Tradebit experience even more rewarding. Even with so many terrific improvements having been made since the handover, we're proud to report that we have a whole host of further ones planned that are going to help make the second decade of Tradebit even more amazing than the first."

Even while they were once derided by some rights holders as an existential threat to a number of industries, digital downloads have become a big business of their own. Apple's iTunes digital music market does over $3 billion in revenue annually alone, according to research reports assembled by Statista, with the company's App Store application marketplace racking up an estimated seven times that total last year.

As one of the true pioneers of what has become a thriving industry where explosive growth is the norm, Tradebit counts millions of satisfied buyers among its loyal clients. For over eleven years, Tradebit sellers have stocked the digital storefront with everything from detailed, expertly informed product repair manuals to original music, software packages, and royalty-free art assets. With a current inventory that will soon eclipse the two million mark, Tradebit is the largest digital download store anywhere and growing at a rate such that no competitor will catch up.

Tradebit's current ownership group acquired the service a year ago with the goal of further extending its lead and making it an even more desirable place for both buyers and sellers to congregate. Over the course of that year, Tradebit has benefited from a number of important service improvements, with many more to come. Those interested can learn more or buy and sell their own digital downloads at the Tradebit website.

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With low commissions, no listing fees, and easy, streamlined buying and selling, Tradebit is the world's largest digital download store and a pioneer of the industry.

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