Tracs Delivers Medical-Grade Air Purification with Unmatched Savings and Ease

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New HEPA system mounts directly to ceiling’s exposed ductwork

Tracs Manufacturing LLC, makers of the most effective, innovative, and convenient air cleaners on the market, announce the first three-stage HEPA system designed to mount directly to existing exposed ductwork. The Tracs TM500 and TM950 ceiling-mounted air purifiers are built in the US and ship free of charge to any US address.

The new models deliver medical-grade air purification through existing HVAC systems, eliminating the need for expensive and time-consuming upgrades. Some other companies have tried similar approaches, but only Tracs keeps HEPA equipment off the floor, leaving existing workflows intact. To Tracs Derek Laferriere, that’s a crucial difference.

“In commercial, institutional, and industrial settings, every inch of space matters,” he notes. “That’s why we engineered the TM500 and TM950 from the start to deliver industry-leading air purification as unobtrusively as possible. No matter what type of ductwork our customers run, all they’ll notice is cleaner, healthier air. And for a fraction of the price they’d pay to upgrade their complete system to a traditional HEPA setup.”

HEPA filtration offers superior contaminant removal when compared to the more traditional designs of MERV 13-rated HVAC systems recommended by Ashraes and other standards-setting organizations. Tracs goes even farther with their new models, incorporating ultraviolet-C (UVC) germicidal irradiation to provide an extra measure of protection against airborne diseases and irritants.

That power comes with a tradeoff: HEPA uses a finer filter medium than other air-purification methods, which can restrict airflow. While other companies offer bulky standalone HEPA systems, Tracs devised a compact, ceiling-mountable HEPA solution that uses its own dedicated fans to enhance positive air pressure at the filtration stage. The result is medical-grade air purification with absolutely no compromises.

To learn more about how Tracs Manufacturing is changing how we keep our air safe and clean, please contact the Tracs team at 800-813-6247 or


Since 2008, TRACS Manufacturing has delivered the world’s most effective air cleaners. The company's initial focus was on hospital and laboratory applications, and it now serves a large portfolio of commercial, institutional, and industrial clients. Its portable, ceiling mounted, and ducted HEPA and UV-C air systems help hospitals comply with CDC, NIOSH and OSHA guidelines for air quality and purification of isolation rooms, operating rooms, production facilities, schools, and other areas where clean, safe air is absolutely vital.

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