Track Down and Levy Debtors’ Accounts with a Personal Bank Account Search

SearchBug’s personal bank account search helps customers locate bank account information to levy debtors’ accounts for outstanding child support or collection on a judgment.

The Encinitas, California-based Company, SearchBug, has expanded its fleet of services to allow its customers to conduct legitimate and verified bank account searches across America, through one of its many qualified private investigators. This search feature helps customers locate bank accounts held in the name of debtors for legal purposes.

SearchBug's personal bank account search is a completely legitimate option for customers who have a legal justification for requiring bank account information. A bank account search is helpful for debt collection, locating assets, recovering funds from a bad check, collecting outstanding child support, and similar legal issues.

SearchBug indicates that “once you are armed with your debtors SSN you will be able to find and levy bank accounts” Reports include enough information to get a legal writ in order to levy appropriate accounts.

Private investigators can locate savings and checking account information, as well as brokerage and investment accounts depending on the search requested. Customers need provide only the following:

  • Subject's Name and an Address (previous or current)

  • Specify Nationwide or State-specific search

  • Partial or Complete SSN (optional)

  • Date of Birth (compulsory)

Searches take on average eight business days and SearchBug's investigators provide details such as bank name, Zip code, balance in excess of amounts, and other information related to the bank account as necessary to for a GLB act compliant search.

The company ensures that information is kept private and all searches are performed in accordance with legal guidelines. Therefore bank account numbers are not revealed as this is not necessary to levy the accounts. Personal bank account search is a verified search trusted with a personal verification guarantee from the investigator. The company offers a refund of a percentage of the fees if the investigator is unable to find and verify any account records.

In addition to personal bank account searches, SearchBug offers people search, batch search, fraud prevention and data verification services to professionals in financial services, collections, insurance and other industries.

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Address: SearchBug Inc., 364 2nd St. Suite 4, Encinitas, CA 92024Contact Info
Phone: (800) 990-2939

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