Trachinhson Provides A Range Of Healthy Tea Products in Vietnam

Trachinhson has a wide range of affordable and healthy tea products from Vietnam

Trachinhson, a tea provider in Vietnam that has a wide range of healthy tea products showcasing the traditional Vietnamese culture. One of their most famous and healthiest tea products is Fuji Matcha Green Tea Green Powder. This delicious and healthy tea is the combination of pure matcha and sugar, which gives it a mild, sweet taste. It only takes one minute to make; all people need to do is mix the green tea powder into the boiling water or in cold water (depends on the preference). It comes in a 500g zip bag (120,000 Vietnamese Dong) and in 200g (52,000 Vietnamese Dong). It is 100% organic, free of any colouring and additives.

This green tea powder is collected from the leaves that are rich in minerals and vitamins. This limited organic matcha tea tastes sweet, mild, fruity, fresh, and intense. This premium drink can also be used to make cream and cake. They have a wide range of Pure Fuji Matcha Green Tea Powder that provides fresh and delicious seasonal tea. They offer freshly brewed tea, season-wise- Spring Season (100g costs 185,000 Vietnamese Dong), Summer Season (100g costs 150,000 Vietnamese Dong), and Autumn Season (100g costs 120,000 Vietnamese Dong).

Next in line is the Fuji Matcha Latte Milk Tea Powder, which is the combination of pure matcha, skimmed milk, sugar in perfect conjunction. The scent of tea and the creamy taste of milk are enough to awaken anyone’s senses. 200g of this powder costs 52,000 Vietnamese Dong. Add 15-20g of matcha latte milk tea powder in 150ml of water and enjoy the Fuji Matcha Latte. Another Chinh Son Tea’s product is Fuji Genmaicha Latte Roasted Rice Tea Powder, which is the combination of green tea powder and roasted brown rice. This tea is rich in carotenoids and vitamin C. This tea also contains five times higher Catechin than regular tea. 200g of this healthy drink cost 49,000 Vietnamese Dong. Fuji Houjicha Latte Roasted Tea Powder has a low content of Catechin, and caffeine and this drink are considered as good for the digestive tract. It was first made in Kyoto, Japan in the 1920s. It is popular among people as it tastes more aromatic and less acrid. Also, it does not cause Insomnia effect. 200g of Fuji Houjicha Latte costs 49,000 Vietnamese Dong.

They also have launched new tea products which include Chinh Son Pumpkin Latte Powder 180g, Chinh Son Purple Sweet Potato Latte 180g, Chinh Son Green Tea Powder Genmaicha Latte 180g, all at an affordable 49,000 Vietnamese Dong.
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Trachinhson is one of the largest tea providers in Vietnam. Their main aim is to keep the quintessence of Vietnamese tea alive. They import and distribute modern tea products that originate from Japan. They provide high quality and healthy tea products to their customers.

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