Tracey Walker Discloses How Outsourcing Online Businesses Earned Over $1,000,000

Tracey Walker reveals in an exclusive interview with Freedom Facilitator’s Danielle Keogh how outsourcing earned Tracey's online business over $1,000,000. This free Internet marketing training is scheduled for Dec. 19 at 11 am EST.

Tracey Walker is undoubtedly a very successful Internet marketer. In a unique opportunity to reveal her secrets of success, Walker will give an exclusive interview on why outsourcing is necessary to have a successful online marketing business on Thursday Dec. 19 at 11 am EST. This FREE Internet marketing training will be available in an interactive Google Hangout format. Meaning views will have a chance to ask Tracey questions and get immediate answers. Tracey is a go getter and shares here insights so others can learn from her experiences.

Tracey Walker's expressed past struggles; “My now ex-husband and I built a 3500 sq ft home from the ground up in the suburbs of Chicago. We bought luxury cars including mt Mercedes Benz 500CL and the Hummer H2. We bought stupid stuff like jewelry and went out of town quite a bit. I mean we were making anywhere between $30k and $90k per month (we would close on average 3 deals a month netting us $30k/deal) when times were GREAT and on top of that we were only in our late 20?s! We blew money, stupidly, because we never thought the season of bliss would end and we didn’t save like we should have. Everything was going strong up until 2006 when the mortgage laws and housing market overall began to change.”

Like most Americans, Tracey was dramatically affected by the decline of the economy. In real estate Ms. Walker generated figures in the tens of thousands each month for some years when almost 10 years ago her business crashed along with the housing industry.

Internet Marketing is not a get rich quick business. In fact, less than 5% are successful. Most attempt to do all of the work without outsourcing and fail drastically. Some even spend tens of thousands of dollars in the process. The reality is; those that succeed simply followed the leaders examples and got similar results. There is no need to reinvent the wheel.

This interview will provide key considerations to those who are thinking about becoming a network marketer or wondering why they haven’t reached the success they had hoped for. As Tracey continually reminds her audience that success is not given, it is earned and requires hard work, time, and dedication to develop oneself as a leader, to be able to train others to achieve the same success.

Subcontracting has become increasingly crucial overtime; solely one person cannot build a flourishing online business. Successful entrepreneurs build a “virtual staff”. Outsourcing is considered more as a “team sport,” because personal work is reduced which produce superior results.

At the same time outsourcing can be a nightmare for Internet marketers, building the right team isn’t easy. Interactive Marketing Trainer Danielle Keogh will go over how Tracey Walker effectively formulated her online staff in order to produce the $1,000,000.00 plus results.

Interview objectives:
- What to outsource
- Recommended freelance companies
- Proper hiring processes
- Pricing
- How to manage outsourcers
- Addressing issues with freelancers
- Managing account passwords
- Rewarding accomplishments

Why do 95% of Internet marketers fail? Most fail due to inadequate leadership training and lack of outsourcing. If interested in building and maintaining a successful “virtual staff” then this live free Internet marketing training is highly recommended.

Danielle Keogh is an Interactive Marketing Trainer successfully managing an outsourcing team for her online business. Ms. Keogh was first introduced to Tracey on the stage of Empower Network’s “Release Your Inner Badass” a personal development, marketing training, and business opportunity event. From that point on Danielle dedicated to create soon to be released Digital Marketing Keys inspired by the influence of leaders such as Rob Fore, Vic Strizheus, Pat Flynn and Tracey Walker Talks About Outsourcing With Danielle Keogh.

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