Town of Pelham Associates Lower Taxes, with Enhanced Customer Service

Fonthill, ON / March 18, 2014 / Council at the Town of Pelham recently approved yet another “less-than-inflation” property tax increase for the coming fiscal year. This marks the 6th year in a row that the Town at the heart of Ontario’s Niagara Region, just 20 minutes from Niagara Falls, has delivered similar good news to its Residents and Businesses. Since 2009, Pelham has averaged the lowest rate of tax increases (below inflation) amongst the Region’s 12 Municipalities.

Not coincidentally, the Town has embarked on an aggressive, across-the-board realignment of its Customer Service profile. Coupled with advanced Customer Service consistency training, the Town chose to align both its internal and external (public-facing) Customer Service processes. “This is bringing the approach to Customer Service to a whole new level” says Mr. Darren Ottaway, the Town’s Chief Administrative Officer and “The Town understands that premium, interactive Customer Service is key to actually reducing the costs of Service Delivery by streamlining our processes, to ensure maximum efficiency. All our Staff are Users of our new system, including our field personnel, who now use it on their smartphones to help manage daily workload. The system’s dynamic reporting enables us to measure our ongoing Departmental performance and establish new service level commitments to our constituents.”

Pelham branded PSR Customer Service WidgetPelham selected Niagara-based Public Service Request Inc. (PSR) to provide the web-based system that helps the Town manage these streamlined processes and support its reorganized Departmental structure, eliminating redundant steps, reducing time it takes to resolve problems, responding to information requests, and processing opinions, ideas and suggestions. The system has been in place for 12 months, and was recently integrated with the Town’s new website, so that website visitors can report problems, request information, and suggest improvements to the Community. Each web page includes a “PSR Widget” that is configured to focus on the theme and content of that page.

Pelham PSR Customer Service Widget StickerMs. Cari Pupo, Pelham’s Treasurer since 2008, says “The depth of the PSR system’s functionality has given us Customer Service benefits across all of our Departments. New operating regulations such as those stipulating Workplace Health and Safety inspection, reporting and remediating procedures, are easy to comply with, using the versatility of the PSR system. The system contributes to our twin goals of continuing to expand great quality-of-life in our community, while keeping costs under very tight control.”

About Pelham (

The town is strategically positioned mid-way between Lake Erie and Lake Ontario and is situated in the heart of Ontario's Niagara Region. Pelham is also ideally located between the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) and the US border, minutes from Niagara Falls, a peaceful and pleasant community.

The Town of Pelham, Ontario is composed of five unique and historic villages: Effingham, Fenwick, Fonthill, North Pelham and Ridgeville. Blending successful farming, growing commercialism and five beautiful villages Pelham is "Five Villages One Community".

The Town continues to grow with the major redevelopment of “East Fonthill”, recently given the go-ahead by the Ontario Municipal Board. The Town continues to attract high tech businesses, with the quality of life, and the availability of talented graduates and post-graduates from nearby Brock University and Niagara College. High tech companies include Accipiter Radar, internationally recognized for its unique radar-based technologies, and Public Service Request Inc.

About Public Service Request Inc.:

With an internationally represented Board of Directors, Public Service Request provides cloud-based Government Customer Service systems for use by all Public Service Providers across North America.

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