Totem is a platform that transforms the network into a blockchain ecosystem

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Totem aims to create a distributed financial infrastructure platform for digital assets and enable wider adoption of blockchain technology and digital asset applications.

Totem is a decentralized financial infrastructure platform for cross-chain trading of DeFi products and financial derivatives. It provides business-level services for DPayment, DEX, DeFi, and other decentralized financial applications.

Licenced Totem Foundation

Totem Foundation has obtained a registration license issued by the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority of Singapore (ACRA) and has officially started operating on December 10, 2020. The full name of the organization: TOTEM CONNECT FOUNDATION LTD.

The foundation will focus on supporting and building an ecosystem based on the Totem chain, including but not limited to expanding the existing Totem mining ecosystem and developing new ecological applications of DeFi.

Our goals

Totem applies advanced cryptography theory to create a universal Internet protocol and distributed ledger in which internetwork and intrachain transactions are recorded.

Public, private and consortium blockchains can access the Totem network at a low cost.

Totem aims to build a distributed financial infrastructure platform for digital assets and make blockchain technology and digital asset applications more widely accepted.

Totem Network Features

The Totem network allows you to connect different blockchain ledgers and transfer assets across them. It is revolutionizing blockchain technology and transforming the blockchain network into a scalable ecosystem.

Totem is building a distributed financial infrastructure for digital assets. Thanks to its distributed architecture, Totem connects and simplifies the exchange of values ​​between the various registers of the blockchain.

The Totem platform lays the foundation for new decentralized networks, provides the infrastructure for digital currencies and digital asset-based financial applications, and provides support for new financial business models, services, organizations, and the entire society and economic system.

The essence of the Totem platform

Totem chain
Totem Chain is the essence of the Totem platform and it has its own native token TOT. It supports smart contracts, cross-chain transactions and provides underlying blockchain support for implementing decentralized identity application TOTID and a series of open financial protocols.

Open protocol
The decentralized and peer-to-peer open financial system is user-friendly, secure, and open, as opposed to traditional financial service providers.

Real democracy
The decentralized governance layer of Totem’s value Internet is subject to DAO governance.

DeFi Ecosystem
In the Totem ecosystem, new products combining DAO and DeFi features are being created. As DAO enables DeFi products to be used as a payment/distribution method in an increasingly decentralized and digitized way.

DeFi System Benefits of the Totem Platform

The ability to use smart contracts allows you to program the fulfillment of all transaction conditions and generate new financial instruments and assets.

DeFi application data is capable of being stored on hundreds and thousands of different nodes, which prevents hackers from attacking or compromising the system in order to gain control over the data. Not a single node in the DeFi system is able to harm the entire network, which tells us that the distribution of data storage and their confirmation occurs evenly among all network nodes.

The ability to share Ethereum protocols allows the various DeFi to interact with each other, which creates the opportunity for DeFi to emerge as a complete financial system.

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