Tornado Shelters Receive Attention During National Preparedness Month

A growing number of families are being proactive in the safety of their loved ones during September's National Preparedness Month.

Tornado shelters are receiving attention during National Preparedness Month as the event brings focus to communities and families taking individual steps to protect themselves from emergencies and natural disasters such as tornadoes. The initiative led by FEMA encourages families and individuals to get prepared during the month of September by activities such as making a family communication plan, getting involved with community and downloading the FEMA app.

Tornado preparedness and storm shelters go hand in hand, so it is not unusual to see an increased interest in shelters when emergency preparedness events happen. The nation as a whole has become much more aware of being prepared for emergency situations since 9/11 and FEMA feels this month in particular is appropriate for preparedness education because of that. Storm shelter manufacturers are seeing interest everywhere fielding sales calls and web traffic from almost every state. This interest has been largely driven by attention given by the media and other outlets to the need for and availability of tornado shelters.

Preparedness events such as National Preparedness Month have taken a leading role in educating people about the death and destruction a tornado can cause regularly claims lives. Buildings of all types are susceptible to complete demolition by the largely unpredictable storms. Being prepared for a tornado by having a tornado emergency plan is the best way to ensure your family’s safety.

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