Announces the Selected Top Expert Tips for the Week of October 19, 2014

This week TTE is proud to bring information about the best and most helpful tips found for instant sexiness, helping with obese odor control, marketing small businesses and getting the best value when having a vehicle repaired.

TTE recognizes George L. Jackson as a Local Marketing Expert in Long Beach, CA. His tip is;

Effective marketing today must include multiple fronts to ensure success for local businesses. That means first getting found online easier by establishing a uniform and consistent foundational footprint presence. Second, gain credibility by associating with authoritative information sources. And third, build desire for products and services by providing a steady stream of great, usable content, said George in an interview.

Contact him at 888-929-7363 or learn more at

TTE recognizes Reina Moore of Extension Addiction as the #1 Choice for Hair Extensions in the USA. Her tip is;

"Sometimes a girl just wants to be sexier. Within minutes of clipping in a gorgeous human hair extension and styling it, she can change her entire appearance to be so much sexier. When a girl is feeling sexier, the world is a happier place. That's why Extension Addiction was created, to help the world be a better place." Said Reina.

To contact Reina please call 208-449-1878 or learn more at

TTE is proud to announce the new release of "MouseTrap Marketing" by Wesley J. Harrison as the definitive guide book to local business marketing. His tip is;

"The questions is, what catches more mice? The 'Better Mousetrap' or the 'Better Marketed Mousetrap'? Most people have been lead to believe the road to riches is to create a 'better mousetrap' but the reality is the best mousetrap in the world is not profitable unless it's marketed properly. That's what this interactive book and video series is about, how to market a 'mousetrap' better."

To contact Wes, please visit

TTE recognizes as the #1 solution for obese odor control help.

In an interview, Rock Toone founder of stated, "helping others is the primary objective of Squeaky Cheeks." As a lightning strike firefighter and having to go for days in the wilderness without a shower wished Rock sought out a natural solution to help control human odors. The proprietary formulation that became Squeaky Cheeks is the end result of that quest. To the surprise of many it had an amazing side benefit when tested. In addition to instantly eliminating even the worst odors, it helps to soothe and calm the irritation and sores cause by skin rubbing against itself and actually aided in the healing process. "This is such a huge help to weight challenged individuals everywhere." said Rock.

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TTE recognizes Ashley Automotive Repair of Blue Springs, MO as the area's best Auto Repair Facility. Renee's Best tip;

Renee, the owner of Ashley Automotive, stated during an interview that it upsets her when women are taken advantage of during the normal servicing procedure of their vehicle. This is why she wanted to open her own auto repair facility. Her advice to women everywhere, "ask questions about why it is being suggested and listen to the other customers in the repair facility as they are checking out. If someone is yelling (for any reason) do not get choose that facility for having the work performed there yet, get a second opinion."

To ask a question feel free to call Ashley Automotive at (816) 229-1255 or visit

TTE is proud to announce that is a new leading resource for individuals over the age of 40 or that have more than 40 pounds to lose.

There are certain phases and conditions the body goes through as one ages and gains weight such as being over 40 or being more than 40 pounds overweight. These metabolism phase changes require one to modify routines and create new conditions that will help to ensure success at becoming and remaining fit, increasing energy levels and having enhanced mental clarity. Once one knows how, it's easy to do. is designed to help people learn the essentials FAST!

To learn more, please visit

TTE recognizes Wesley J. Harrison for his excellence in marketing and e-commerce solutions. His Biggest tip;

Today a business has to have a complete customer engagement system. There are 3 rules to growing a business, period. #1 Get new customers. #2 Get more purchases from customers. #3 Get bigger purchases from customers. With only a 2% increase in effectiveness of each area, the results are massive increases to the bottom line profits. Best of all, there is no need to spend an additional dime in advertising or marketing dollars. It's simply refining and optimizing the assets a business already has in place. "Implement and optimize a complete customer engagement system and profits will soar!" Said Wes.

For more information or any questions, please call him at 816-482-3755, or visit

TTE recognizes the book "Auto Repair Secrets 'They' Don't Want You to Know" as the best auto repair guide out there. Having hit #1 on the kindle best seller list, it's easy to see why. This very short, easy to implement, guide for ensuring the best value for money when it's concerning vehicle maintenance, servicing and repairs is a must read for anyone who drives a vehicle! Sandra D.

Contact Info:
Name: Wesley Harrison
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Organization: Harrison Enterprises LLC
Phone: 816-482-3755

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