Topmovies Launches A Community Driven Media Database To Democratise Pop Culture

Topmovies indexes movies and TV shows and offers user ratings, discussions and reviews to accurately reflect and define pop culture consensus.

Films and TV shape most of the so-called ‘watercooler’ conversations that take place between friends and co-workers, and it is understandable that much of this discussion has now moved online, and individuals find new communities with which to exchange ideas. Topmovies is a new website that provides information on TV and Film production, including cast and crew, trivia and has attracted thriving discussions of both classic films and the latest TV series.

The site has already published top rated user reviews for films such as Now You See Me, We’re The Millers and Olympus Has Fallen, and has reviews of classic films from The Godfather to American Pie. They also have forum discussions and a voting system that creates an aggregate store for a film’s rating out of ten.

The site has a particular focus on the films that shape the zeitgeist, and in this regard they have created a best rated Top 250 movies list.

The Top 250 films are defined by user ratings added to the site, and is considered a more up to date reflection of modern thinking- with all votes cast in the past twelve months. Currently topping the list are The Shawshank Redemption, The Dark Knight, Inception, Pulp Fiction and Fight Club.

A spokesperson for Topmovies explained, “Our site provides an excellent source of publication for those who enjoy writing movie reviews and are thinking about a career in popular journalism. It is also a cener for discussion of the latest developments of TV shows and movie franchises, with the latest developments on pre-production of major films like Peter Jackson’s Hobbit trilogy and debates over classic films like the Godfather trilogy. Our latest feature has been to put together our user-rated Top 250 films list, which provides some interesting deviations from other major sources like IMDB. We aim to make it a home for all film lovers.”

About Topmovies:
Topmovies is a movie portal that indexes all movies and TV series ever released. Topmovies provides detailed information about every release including storyline, actors, producers, budgets, release date by country, as well as vibrant discussion from user generated reviews and comments. Topmovies sorts movies by categories, and also lists the latest movies as well as the best rated of all time.

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