Launched To Provide User Review Of The Dietary Supplement

The use of green coffee bean extract by dieters to accelerate metabolism is now increasingly commonplace, Top Green Coffee Extract launches to give real users feedback on the effectiveness of the product.

Green Coffee Bean Extract has been present on the market for some time, but its popularity exploded when it was endorsed by TV doctor Dr. Oz ( The extract claims to work using an active ingredient called chlorogenic acid- a property that is completely removed when coffee beans are roasted. Thus, by extracting it from raw green coffee beans and placing it in supplement pills, this active ingredient can be harnessed in pure form to accelerate metabolism and help burn fat quickly. Top Green Coffee Extract is a new review site that aims to get to the bottom of exactly how effective it is, and dispel some myths about its function and use.

The site takes the form of an informal, personal review written editorially in plain English so as not to deceive the reader or to hard sell them, but rather to invite them to trust that the writer is speaking from a place of personal experience. The review describes how the supplement works, its active ingredients, and advice on green coffee bean extract safety to avoid overdosing while still getting maximum benefit.

The site also makes very clear that not all Green Coffee Bean Extract products are the same, and that low quality Chinese imports actually contain very little active ingredients. The site makes recommendations of high quality supplements so consumers who decide to buy can start out right.

A spokesperson for Top Green Coffee Extract explained, “The green coffee bean extract can be a powerful and effective supplement but its efficacy does depend on a number of other external factors. The purity and quality of the supplement, the dosage, and the other steps taken by users to lose weight can all affect just how much the supplement is able to work upon the metabolism of the user. This is not saying the supplement doesn’t work, rather that for maximum return on investment, individuals should use it in concert with other dieting approaches to get the most benefit from it.”

About Top Green Coffee Extract
Top Green Coffee Extract is a website that hosts a review of green coffee bean extract written by a user of the popular supplement recommended by Dr. Oz, explaining the scientific background informing the claims of its efficacy, the methodology of dietary use, active ingredients and recommended dosages for the supplement.

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