Launches New Service To Connect Customers With Skilled Workers

A new website, which connects customers with skilled craftsmen and women, has launched.

The brand new service from provides a simple, hassle-free way for people to find skilled local workers and for talented, trustworthy craftsmen to locate jobs. The site is mutually beneficial for customers searching for top craftsmen and women and for workers on the hunt for new projects and jobs. The website is currently offering a free 3-month trial.

The process (TCM) was launched to make it easy for skilled artisans to source jobs and for consumers to locate workers with specific skills in their local area. Through the site, customers can search for skilled workers free of charge. Craftsmen and women can register and access adverts, briefs and projects in exchange for a small membership fee. Once they have signed up, members have the option to bid on individual jobs or to list their services and display their hourly rate. Members can continue to take on as many projects as they like for as long as they want to pay the membership fee.

The benefits
TCM was launched to provide a portal, through which workers could utilize their skills and earn a fair wage without working for an employer. With this website, craftsmen have the opportunity to bid for jobs that interest them and they can take on as much or as little work as they like. Members can enjoy the flexibility of working for themselves, while also gaining access to a vast pool of projects and briefs. Once they have paid to join, workers can take on jobs as a means to increase their income by taking on projects as a side job, or they can focus entirely on picking their own jobs based on requests that come from customers. With TCM, there is an alternative to working for somebody else and the chance to build a reputation, take control of scheduling and working hours and earn a fair wage. The rating system enables skilled individuals to move up the ladder and to gain recognition for their hard work and professional expertise.

In the past, customers would consult a local business or ask friends or neighbors for recommendations. Now, with TCM, there’s a different way of finding trustworthy skilled workers. TCM customers can list jobs or search members to find those with the skills required for a specific project.

The process has been designed to eliminate stress and ensure that customers have easy access to skilled craftsmen they can trust.

About is a new website, which connects customers searching for skilled workers with the best craftsmen and women in their local area. TCM charges a small membership fee for workers and it is free of charge for customers. There is a diverse range of categories from automotive work and small engine repair to boats and personal watercraft. The site cuts out the stress of finding top craftsmen for customers, while providing workers with flexibility and the chance to boost their income and take control of their working hours.

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