Top Running Coach Launches New Running Site – Training To Run

Running Coach Ken Rickerman launches a cutting edge desktop and mobile running blog that aggregates his "greatest hits" along with fresh training tips, videos, articles, and training resources from Coach Ken and his running coach peers. Runners are encouraged to connect and interact with the coach so the site is created from the runner's point of view to produce the most relevant, innovative, and practical running training available.

Training To Run, a new running training site, was launched today by top Running Coach Ken Rickerman who brings innovative training through his other sites,, and At, runners will find running tips, videos, articles, and resources to help them in all their running needs.

Some of what runners find here are “greatest hits” from Coach Rickerman's vaults of training material that has helped countless runners throughout the years. Most of what runners will find here is fresh content produced weekly by Coach Ken or another top running coach guest blogger. Most refreshing, the main point of this site is for the coach to interact with runners across the globe and find out what's on the runner's mind. For example: What are todays running goals? Running problems? Running needs? In other words, why are people Training To Run?

What runners won't find here is contradictions. Nothing irritates more than content that is confusing, contradicting, and complicated. Usually, this occurs because of the need to constantly pump out content. The aim here is to provide training that is consistent, simple, and practical. It takes a lot of work and time to boil things down to its simplest form but Coach Rickerman does just that as he grounds his innovation in deep references, principles and fundamentals.

It's clear it took years for him to work out and innovate in order for runners of any age, level, and ability to benefit. What's really cool is how all of the new content comes as a result of open communication to the Running Coach by phone, email, hotline and social media. Through these connections, Coach Rickerman welcomes and encourages all questions, concerns, suggestions, and ideas so the audience, the reader, the runner also becomes the participant in Training To Run. And that's why Coach Rickerman is considered one of the Top Running Coaches.

Contact Info:
Name: Ken Rickerman
Phone: 8184682547
Organization: 5 Speed Running Inc

Release ID: 63676