Top Miami Trainer Pushes No Days Off Lifestyle

Legacy Fit founder, Manning Sumner wrote the book on living a healthy, fulfilling life. NoDaysOFF is a holistic philosophy he hopes will become his life's legacy.

One of Miami’s top rated personal trainers has created a new lifestyle philosophy to help his clients reach the next level of healthy living and life choices. Based on his own personal life credo , trainer and Legacy Fit owner, Manning Sumner, felt the need to share his philosophy for a healthy lifestyle by writing the guide NoDaysOFF. Sumner has since introduced the concept to his fitness training and is finding success with the program.

“The idea behind NoDaysOFF is to have people incorporate a healthy lifestyle into everything they do,” Sumner commented during a tour of the new 20,000 square foot Legacy Fit facility in Miami. “Too many people don't make the most of every day and this mindset will keep many people from getting all they can out of life. I am out to change that. We only have one life to live and only one chance to be the best version of us that we can be. ”

An important aspect of his clients believing and living the NoDaysOFF philosophy is to provide those clients with personal trainers who believe and live it, as well. One of the trainers at Legacy Fit, Joseph Stempien, is living proof of what can be accomplished when a person realizes that becoming healthy and having a full life is far more than going to the gym a few times a week.

“I keep pictures of what I used to look like two years ago, just to show the clients who don’t believe me,” Stempien said. “Since I first started coming here as a client to now, I changed my diet and have certainly dropped weight, built muscle, and lowered my body fat. More importantly, I have reduced my blood pressure and eliminated my depression and become far more active outside the gym. That wouldn’t have happened if I was just losing weight. I changed my entire life.”

Following the success of Legacy Fit and NoDaysOFF in Miami, Sumner is on a personal mission to bring his “total-person” healthier lifestyle philosophy to as many people as possible. Since first opening Legacy Fit in 2008 exclusively to professional athletes - including all-pros in every major sport - during the off-season, Sumner has expanded the gym membership to include the general public, as well. By creating various training programs designed specifically for people of every fitness level, Legacy Fit has seen a substantial rise in membership. Voted the “Most Popular Gym” and “Most Popular Miami Boot Camp" by Miami New Times in 2014, Manning's drive for a healthier Miami appears to be paying off.

“Not only have we seen an increase in membership,” added Sumner. “But the dedication level of each member seems to be on the rise and I give credit to the NoDaysOFF philosophy.”

According to Sumner, NoDaysOFF may initially sound like something the average person couldn’t handle, but Sumner and his staff are quick to ask that the name not be taken too literally. It doesn’t mean that a person shouldn't take a day off of going to the gym. Although exercise is a big part of the philosophy, it also includes eating the proper food at the proper time, making sure to get plenty of rest every night, and even learning simple breathing and relaxation techniques to help keep stress levels lower.

“Between family life, jobs, and other outside obligations, people put an excessive amount of stress on themselves. Stress prevents the body from functioning properly,” Sumner went on to say. “A good physical workout is a natural stress reducer, but so are many other every day activities that can help a person live a more fulfilling life. That is all a part of living the NoDaysOFF way. Don't take a day off from the best self you can be whether you're working out or relaxing at the beach.”

Having introduced his NoDaysOFF philosophy successfully to Miami, Sumner has set his sights on a National campaign for a healthier lifestyle, as he works toward franchising the highly successful personal fitness and boot camp style fitness center.

“I founded Legacy Fit for a very important reason,” he added, with a shy grin. “It is my goal to teach people, literally everyone, how to live a healthier and more fulfilling life. I want to change the world, change the way people look at each and everything they do. I want people to understand how to make the most out of every day. I want that to become my personal legacy.”

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